Sunday, March 1, 2015

Indispire# Round Rotis? ;)

So Round Rotis V/s Non Round ones!! ; )

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Well what say should a Non Round roti maker have in this!!

How much ever I try, a perfect Round roti which just melts in the mouth is a distant dream for me. Sometimes I wonder why these Roti things had to be discovered at all! It’s been close to four months now that I have been living alone and cooking for myself. Though I make Rotis every day, perfection in roti making is still a farfetched dream.

To cover up for my ‘not so soft rotis’, applying ghee on them helps. Applying ghee improves their texture. I prefer triangle paranthas than my Non Round rotis in appearance.

Though when I am hungry and cooking by myself, I don’t care about the shape of rotis. But if one could serve me the soft, round chapattis that sure is going to be a bliss.

I think the shape has more to do with softness. The round chapattis puff more easily and more uniformly making them softer. But inspite of these technicalities of Roti making, the fact remains that making Round ones is difficult at least for me!!

Now tell me is it that if your Rotis are not round, does that imply you are going to be unhappily married? (evil grin). Well I think I will get the answer sometime in distant future!

Till then happy roti making to one and all! : ) Be it round or non round atleast u have something to quell your hunger.

So cheers to Rotis! : ) Round or Non Round, lets have no discrimination! : )


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  1. Valid thoughts! :)
    Round Rotis are great. But, so are non-round ones! Both :D