Monday, January 3, 2011

helo!! m i pissed off?

helo everyone,
sorry i m making u read my crap as the very first post of new year...
but what do i do!!
right now m just feeling like writing it out here! its not really that i am pissed off but yes a little sad because i tell u why? should i!! k whatever but i think i can't hold it. can i? can i?.........NO! but nyways its a silly stupid reason!!
i want something and if i am having a hard time getting it,don't i have the right to blah blah all the stupid things here. actually its really stupid but k i want to have somebody as my project mentor simply because i am a big big big fan cum admirer cum i dont know what n somehow things are not in my favour!
"goodness! is this girl stupid?" thats what u might be thinking now but its alright after all its my personal space n i have every right to say all the world's most stupid things here!
sorry friends i made u read this stupid crap if u have actually reached the end!! :) hihihahah... now i am feeling better...m not pissed off anymore but plz wish for my silly wish to come true!!