Saturday, March 21, 2015

*Happiness is within!*

What does it take to be happy? Some special talent? Some special achievement? Some training or workshop?

Well nothing of such sort right!!

Happiness is such a simple thing. Yet it becomes so complicated to have it sometimes. Laughter and happiness do not come with a hefty fee. Smiles are not only free but contagious also. Being happy and smiling will spread the smiles everywhere we go.

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When happiness is such a simple thing, why do we make it so difficult? We wait for some big things to happen so that these would give us happiness. But we forget that the happiness consists in the smallest of things. We want some larger than life things to happen, so that we would become immensely happy. We set targets and tell ourselves that we would be happy when we get this or when we get that. We wish for a long list of things to make us happy. When things are not working out the way we want them to, we become sad, agitated and angry. We want things to happen our way. We want to control the events of life. And when it does not happen, we feel irritated. Our happiness gets lost in the labyrinth of life.

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We time and again forget this fact that happiness is inside us. It is not to be found outside. If we feel happy from inside, there can be no stopping us. Whatever may come, even in our toughest moments, we could still be happy. We could chose between laughing it off or making a fuss about it. It is no less than an art to be happy all the time. Once we master this art, we would have conquered the world in real sense.

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For me ; Happiness is in;
Looking at the starry nights,
Basking in the sun,
Watching the sunset,
Talking to a friend after a long time,
Strolling on the streets idle,
Shopping the smallest things;

For me; Happiness is when;
I see a river flowing,
A flower growing,
And the sky snowing;

For me; Happiness is;
In the music,
In the words,
In the silences,
In the expressions;

For me; Happiness is;
In the wait,
In seeing the unfolding of my fate;

It is in the tiny dew drops,
in the sparkling of the river water with the touch of sun,
in the shyness of touch me not,
in the boldness of thorny cactus,
in the moon lit night,
in the romance of starry sight……

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It would not be wrong if we say that ‘Happiness is a decision’.

Celebration of happiness could be in every minute. We don’t need a reason to be happy. But we sure need happiness to be reasonable. There is no need to hunt for happiness, no brain-storming sessions are required to search for happiness, it rests within us, deep in our hearts, just there to be recognized, to be cherished, to be owned and loved. Happiness is within us…….

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