Wednesday, August 12, 2015

*A word with Myself!*

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So one more year past! I hear this saying very often “With age comes wisdom, but sometimes the age comes alone”. I hope I did gain some wisdom though. I learnt about life and I learnt about myself too.

About life, well, at the crux of it all there are just these few lines

When life gives you a tight slap on your face, don’t sit and cry over it. Don’t let it dare to give you another. Being a cry baby will not help you. Rather, Get up, get dressed and slap your life back by choosing to be happy. May come whatever, don’t give up your happiness.  Your smile is your most precious jewel and your most deadly weapon too. With this weapon alone, you can defeat life in its game. If you learn the art of using this weapon, life will no longer dare to mess with you.

About me, well, there is a hell lot!

I am one of those people, who need excusive kind of attention from people. I mean, not from all of them, but from those whom I allow to be close to me. And that being said, it happens, most of the times that I actually do not get that. Because of this reason, I get distant from people very easily. That might be my weakness, but I have figured that I don’t want to change this thing about myself. I don’t want a lot many people in my life. Only a few on whom I can have the exclusive rights and who love me to the extent of bearing with me at my worst are enough for me.

The other day, somebody called me a Psycho. I don’t know or rather I couldn’t understand whether there was any pun intended. Now, THAT is the trouble with me. I take such opinions into consideration which I should not. Why? Because I know myself much more deeply than anyone who just knows me on a superficial level. And my life and my belief system are founded on what I have experienced in life. Nobody else knows my life and nobody else has lived it. They may have a right to opinion but the right to accept or out rightly reject that opinion lies with me and only me.

I am not one of those people who are afraid of being alone. Honestly, I have seen people kind of obsessed with this fear of being alone or living alone. Well! I am not one of those people. I love my own company and I don’t get bored of myself. Sometimes, I hear people telling me that one should marry because one can’t live alone whole life. Yes, I hear such people and not listen to them, because I don’t consider such opinions worth listening to. A relation of a lifetime should not be based on a fear alone. I don’t believe that one should settle down with a life partner for all the wrong reasons. Right reasons are in my opinion as important as the right person.

Nutshell..  I am still trying to understand myself and my life and will keep doing that my entire life….