Friday, March 27, 2015

A word with myself!

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Nothing and no one in the world should take away your peace of mind from you. Material possessions and ambitions hold lesser importance when it comes to the peace of  mind.

It is the inner peace, the inner happiness which is prime.

Your aspirations and ambitions should never deviate you from the path of love. It is love alone which can carry you through in life, after life and beyond life.

Love is the fabric of which the universe is woven of. Love can only go with you till eternity.

While chasing your dreams, don’t leave love behind. Don’t forget love and don’t give way to shallow feelings of disappointment and disgruntle.

Don’t ever let the love die and never for the things which are ephemeral compared to eternal and infinite love.

Don’t give way to chaos, Live in the flow of love, let love only define you, let love only possess you, let love alone be your destiny and your path, live to love.

With love alone, everything can become possible. To have love, infinite love is the only inexhaustible treasure.

So,…… live to love!

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