Saturday, August 28, 2010



Some dark,
Some white,
Some clear,
Some choking,
Some mesmerizing,
Some intoxicating,
Some relieving,
Some oblivious,
Some fragmenting,
Some uniting,
Some visible,
Some invisible,
Some close to eyes reach,
Some too high for a piercing glimpse,
Fleeting infinite shapes,
Originating, spreading transcending,
Infinite moments
Some bright some grey
Infinite dreams
Some true some flew
Sometimes goodness sometimes evilness
Infinite thoughts
Some stay others fray
Some hallucinations some creations
Some rises some falls
Different moulds different appearances
birthing, living and transcending.

Friday, August 27, 2010

if i were!!

If I were a planet, I would be Saturn;
If I were a star, I would be sirius;
If I were a depth, I would be the depth of the sea;
If I were a colour, I would be the colour of the spectrum;
If I were a feeling, I would be an amalgam of the happiness, love,laughter and complacence;
If I were a substance, I would be the transparent glass;
If I were a pen, I would be a writer’s pen;
If I were an odor, I would be the aroma of the lovely food;
If I were a religious place, I would be church;
If I were an accessory, I would be a brilliant diamond pendant,
If I were a science, I would be the science of mind;
If I were a cloth, I would be a cotton saree;
If I were a part of body, I would be the hair;
If I were a light, I would be the light of a candle lit dinner;
If I were a museum, I would be of the antiques;
If I were the sky, I would be the sparkling night sky;
If I were an expression, I would be the innocent smile of a child;
If I were a season, I would be monsoon;
If I were the victory, I would be the victory of the dreams of an orphan;
If I were a plant, I would be grass;
If I were a tree, I would be a coconut tree;
If I were a note, I would be a musical note;
If I were a number, I would be seven;
If I were a faith, I would be the faith in destiny;
If I were a place, I would be venice;
If I were an electronic device, I would be a television;
If I were an ambience, I would be the ambience of a romantic restaurant;
If I were an entity, I would be a sea shell;
If I were a house, I would be made of wood;
If I were a drink, I would be wine;
If I were the eyes, I would be the eyes of a painter;
If I were a metal, I would be platinum;
If I were a ring, I would be a wedding ring;
If I were a power, I would be a real democracy;
If I were a flower, I would be a red rose;
If I were a thing, I would be a wind chime……..
P.S : @ mehak: hey mahak! I again did ur tag : ) ; )

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wh@t the picture say$ ? !!! ;)

                                                               A dive into the sea of perfection
                                                               To lead a life of satisfaction;
                                                                Elicit the immortal faith and
                                                                Blow off the residual hate;
                                                                Flip the wings wide open
                                                                For the creative envision to drop in;
                                                                Welcome the abundance and splendor
                                                                And experience the freedom of candor;
                                                                Embrace the light of wisdom
                                                                To forget mundane of earthly kingdom;
                                                                Dissolve into the softness of the waves
                                                                And have courage to walk on invisible paves;
                                                                Get aligned with the frequency of love
                                                                To turn the intellect into a blissful hub.

Friday, August 20, 2010

10 things i hate about myself !!

1)      I hate my indecisive nature. I never find myself able to take decisions. I keep on hovering in between. May be because I want the best of both sides and bad of none of the sides. Many a times I take decisions by going for the flip of a coin and yet not get satisfied with it and flip it for two or three more times. And then finally most of my decisions are based on the instinct only.
2)      I hate my over sensitiveness (not always :P) but yes at times I am not at all able to control my tears (at 21 year of age :P) and lately I feel so damn stupid to cry over such petty issues and it feels more bad when somebody is a witness to my uselessly shed tears. Crying alone is still better (: P).
3)      I hate the fact that my short height and my physique is going to be a constraint many a times in my life for me and yet I don’t do anything to at least  put on some weight.
4)      I hate my habit of daydreaming and laziness. Not that I consider it as bad but I can simply spend hours cogitating over numerous possibilities of things happening and waste my time like that only (:P)
5)      I hate my habit of sleeping in classes (;-) )but in this case actually lectures are toooooo boring.
6)      I hate not being able to say anything at all when I have a lot and lot to say and I hate saying out all those things that I never meant to say or rather whatever I said was meant to be taken in a different sense but it gave altogether a totally different expression. Or in short I hate being messed up.
7)      I hate the fact that after three complete years of so called engineering I don’t even know the ‘e’ of it.
8)      I hate my habit to keep on cribbing. Half of my time can pass in cribbing only.
9)      I hate my anger. When my adrenaline level goes high it simply can provoke me to say any damn thing even when its not a tinge of what I think actually.
10)   I hate it when my people expect from me and I just can’t stand up to their expectations and I hate that I simply don’t know how to take care of people and their emotions. A lot n lot……….. more is there and I don’t know why but now I am hating it to post here whatever I just vented out and again I am dual minded whether should I or not? K but this time no toss (:P) lets hit the publish key!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i give my eyes unto u..

I was selfish,
I wanted u to stay..
I wished u to be my eyes,
But all I got is dismay..
Was it a sacrifice?
To donate u my eyes..
I didn’t tell u d iota of reality
Den how could I xpect d least of morality..
It was never u to blame,
U did all u could to fit a true friends frame..
U never knew my feelings for u,
Den how could I expect anything from u..
My eyes are now forever close,
But Vision more clear
Dat u r d one for sure..
I feel the intangible touch,
And fear ur leaving me in lurch..
My love is now blind,
But will always shine..
My love was always pure,
But about u I was never sure..
I wish I had told u,
But now its too late..
You knocked me down to a serendipitous rush of love,
Only to make me realize the reality of alienation and hush.
The winds changed their path,
N along u went past..
Yes she’s beautiful…………….
N for me I feel merciful…
But am happy,
Now u can see the colors..
N I wish ur life’s path
May it be strewn with flowers.
I wish both of u a happy life……
N yet I wish I could see in your eye
N tell u dat I love thy……   but my wish has ended up with a dark fortune jst like my eyes…
And yet I feel I don’t regret giving my loved one my eyes……………….

Thursday, August 12, 2010


The wings of  imagination losing their flight;
Mired into the derisions,
Bottled up existence becomes the plight;
The  azure subdued
 the redness suffused;
The nature fleeting
 the stars scintillating;
evanescence of a hopeless night and the arrival of a new light…..
 the dawn gets in
 the freshness sets in;
 the moon hiding coyly

the sun rising brightly;

the evaporating dews

the saturating hues;
the seethe of the past ushering out

the saplings of hope and love flourishing loud;
the time flies but memoirs are a caprice.

Friday, August 6, 2010


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The sun is setting. And the reflections from the past memories are making their way as the fading red glow of sun through the lucid window.
Five years back, her dad had gifted both of them this house as both of them had the birthday on same day. And since that day this big glass window had been her sole companion living through all difficult times.
That same day her dad had died in the bomb blasts and her mother had been in coma since then. Today again it was her birthday. And today she had finally taken a tough decision to file a plea of mercy killing to relieve her mother from the miserable condition she had been in. It was not easy for her. Tears were making the glass more clear and transparent. Yet she could not let herself shatter.
She got  a call. The doctor said, ”She died”. And that moment broke her, shattered her into pieces….
Again it was a silent goodbye with no last words.
The doctor thought to herself, “atleast the god saved her from one of the most difficult decisions of her life. Atleast  now she would not have to blame herself for killing her mother, may this forever goodbye was required now!!”

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pS: this is my first post for blog-a-ton. although i am not a writer but hope i would improve with course of time. till den i'll keep on writing simply anything...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

happy friendship day!

happy friendship day to all my blogger friends.God bless u all.
 thanks for all your support and comments and a special thanks to BLASPHEMOUS AESTHETE for being such a regular follower. Thanks JACK for reading all my posts and all ur wishes at the end of every comment.You all give me a reason to keep on writing even if i write all the useless and not too good kind of stuff. It definitely gives me inspiration to see that at least somebody is reading these things.