Wednesday, November 23, 2011


she has blocked the last ray of sun 
entering through the smallest crevice possible
 for this is the end of hope 
so that she can atleast live with the peace.
the world of darkness calls for her
for that is where she belongs
for that is where she can breathe
for that is where she can have eternal peace.

Monday, November 21, 2011


The intangible touch of 
the thin beam of light
from the first rays of sun 
burns her skin
making the cold blood run 
from stillness to chaos
rushing through the veins 
to make her numb with the pain..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


the true happiness lies in the life
of the philosopher, 
the life of scientific and philosophic contemplation."
The highest and most satisfying form of life possible to man is "the
contemplative life"

Aristotle's Ethics


The virtue of selfishness!!!!!!!!!!!
 i love it yet Y am i unable to practice it?? WHY??

talking to myself!!

Megha is not in a good mood today!!!  
Why ??
Don’t know why! Just like dat!  
My mood literally changes like a swing !
Its not a mood swing its my mood swinging back n forth , ….back n forth,…. round …round… round… , still,….. again back n forth………
High n a low in a fraction of second…
Craving and yearning for what I don’t know!!
Or may be I know!!
Yea well what else to say dan to say peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jst like dat!!

Sometimes i just love sarcasm :) ;)
I don't know why do i go all gaga over sarcasm and satires sometimes!! 
But on the contrary i hate somebody showing sarcasm to my face. Still the people who show sarcasm will stay on my mind as an influence.

I am nothing but a living irony!! ;)
someday i would like to build a pathway to reach the doors  where i can see a dead end .......
Beyond!! i want to reach beyond!! what that beyond is i yet don't know ;)