Monday, October 20, 2014

Indi-Happy Hours #Ghar wali Diwali

It’s the fourth Diwali that my whole family is still not together during Diwali. Though I am home this time my siblings are not. Diwali always reminds me of my sister; the times when we were still kids. My sister has always been the responsible girl of the house that I have never been. She was no less than a little angel of the home! I must say her excitement was infectious! She used to so excited and enthusiastic about every small- small thing. She loved shopping and she still does! Cleaning home, Picking Flowers to making garlands, Making Rangoli, Lighting diyas and candles; she would just take care of everything. The little supervisor of the home! Cooking is one of her natural talents. Mother, her and father would all get into the kitchen and prepare delicious food. I was told to help in minor ways, which too I would mess up. Sometimes I irritated everyone by doing the silliest things wrong, but sis was a darling angel taking care of everyone and everything. 

This is her second diwali after marriage. I just wish the festival of lights brings her all the more good luck and fortune! May she and her family be blessed with all the happiness of the world! May Goddess luxmi bless her with health, wealth and prosperity!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Indi-Happy Hours# Mother's Care

The lives of parents revolve around their kids. Right from the day these kids are born to the day parents are still alive. Their little-little troubles become reasons of worry for parents. The kids’ falling sick is no less than a calamity for parents. Seeing their kid sick; their world suddenly just comes down to one single thing and that is the well being and recuperation of their sick kid.

Though I am quite old to be called a kid, but for parents their children are always the same I guess. My health concerns my parents even more given my weight and all!! (Smirk). Though I am old enough to be working but people can still mistake me as a school girl! May be that’s one of the reasons I get a lot of attention even in case of minor ailments like cold and cough, fever, indigestion etc.

I catch cold real soon. Changing weather, A little exposure to cold winds and I get done with it. The worst part it stays for real long once it catches me. I find it the most irritating thing. The uncontrollable flow, a lot of soiled handkerchiefs, all of this is just so irritating. Medicines are not much help. They help in controlling the flow but the irritation persists. The headache comes complimentary with cold.

Even with minor cold, my mother becomes so attentive. She will prepare hot tea with tulsi leaves and ginger almost umpteen times a day. She will give me Ginger bits to keep in mouth in case I have cough too. Another favorite pick of my mother is Vicks. She applies it on my nose and throat before sleeping and covers me properly. She will keep on telling me to eat well. It’s like mother working on the assignment of making my cold fly away! She gets irritated and concerned at the same time when I keep on sneezing; one, two, three and sometimes ten or fifteen at a stretch!

The hot gram soup is another thing which is a must have to get rid of the running nose.
Chyawanprash is yet another favorite with my mother. Though on routine days also she keeps on telling to have a teaspoonful with milk, but when I have cold and cough she will herself give me teaspoonfuls twice a day. Actually I like the taste of it but me being me I am too lazy and won’t have it till somebody just puts it into my mouth. Chyawanprash contains a lot of herbs like amla, ashwagandha and giloy etc. It also serves as an anti oxidant. It strengthens our immune system and helps fight infections like cough and cold. Even going by taste It’s a must have for almost everyone as it fulfills all mothers’ standards.

Then yet another thing my mother makes me do if cold is real bad is to give steam. At night before sleeping a hot relaxing steam and afterwards a nice sleep. Though I have the habit of sleeping late generally but when I am sick my mother would make me sleep early and make me have proper rest.

I don’t think medicines can work as much wonders as mothers’ care does! No doubt parents are just angels. They bear with their kids even if they are spoiled brats. Thank god for them and their care!

Finally wish everyone great health and happiness.

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Indispire# Can Writing bring about a change?

Writers are a part of this world and yet they have a world of their own. Writers have the power of their pen. With this power a writer can go any place, put on any face and travel with any pace. The words indeed are a writer’s first love. To write gives him a power to create, to transform, to understand and to promulgate.

They use the word escapists for them and call them loners sometimes. But I wonder isn’t it a luxury to be an escapist, to be able to live in a world which is a writer’s own creation. A writer wields his power through words; he sets the rules, while he writes he lives the life of each of his characters, he experiences many types of life in one lifetime by means of his writing.
Using the tool of writing he can venture into the unknown territories of soul. It’s a way to experiment with the abstract, to get to the bottom of the reality, to know the truth of the self and the world.

In a way the writers are dogmatists. And in a way they are the problem solvers.

The impact of writing on society is long known. The writings in the form of teachings of our religious texts have given us a way of life that we are still following. The classics like Aristotle, Plato, Marx, and Socrates are still read and pondered over. They have dealt with each aspect of a man’s life and how it should be. These writing have drawn the intricate and complex details of man’s life and its relationship with the surroundings.

 The contemporary writings keep on affecting our thought process and our perceptions, be it in the form of an editorial, a magazine article, a fiction, an inspirational book or even a casual read. The writing has been defining and redefining our ways of life, what serves our society best, what is acceptable and correct. It has been doing that ever since. It has been there as a guiding force with each and every evolution that our world witnesses.

The writings always have a grip on us and they make a lasting impact on our thought process either consciously or subconsciously. A person reading self help books or inspirational quotes does so because it’s the conformity of a writer he looks forward to. A person reading editorials and news is subjected to the writer’s perspective, his opinions though his own are in a way shaped by what has been written. A person reading a book on moral science may not follow it completely but his awareness has grown, he has got the sense of what is morally acceptable though following it is his own choice and writing has done it for him, the writing has made him aware. A person reading a lot of fictions will become capable of understanding life through many perspectives. A person reading the real life accounts of varied cultures knows life in its various colors and becomes sympathetic and loving towards all, it triggers modesty and broad-mindedness in him.

The writings definitely have a grip on our thoughts and the world changes as our thoughts change. The writings give us a chance to learn and relearn for the better. And while we learn and subsequently follow the change is initiated though may be of a small order. But that is enough to make a start.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Indispire# Educated or literate ?

Education I believe is that light which illuminates the darkness of ignorance and brings forth the glory of knowledge.
The real objective of education is to impart knowledge and awareness to a person, to make a person sensitive and aware of himself, his surroundings, to impart him the moral values, to make him responsible towards himself as well as the society. It’s the development of mind and soul of a person.

The question is -Is today’s education system taking care of each and every aspect.
The literacy rate is surely going up.  The no. of degrees issued per year are also increasing. No. of schools  and colleges increasing every year.  But does being literate automatically makes us educated as well?If it would have been the case I suppose with increasing literacy rates and more and more graduates and post graduates , we should rather see a fall in crime rate which is ever increasing. While the literacy rate increased from 64.83% to 74.04% from 2001 to 2011, the child sex ratio dipped to 914 from 927.
Everyday we can see so many headlines of rapes, murders, terrorist activities, khap panchayats, love jihad. The pity is that well educated people or rather quite literate people are also getting involved.

It is a well known fact that almost everywhere in India people still object to inter caste marriages and that happens in affluent, highly qualified , well to do families as well.

Our country witnesses so many cases of female feticides. The women are not safe even in the company of educated or rather literate. Young chaps – some of them just take pride in eve teasing. Those may well have degrees but education is lacking in them.

Terrorists - isn’t it surprising that so many of them are highly qualified. Many of them hold engineering degrees. They earned the degrees but could never learn the real meaning of education.

The youth – isn’t it discomforting to see that many of our children have started smoking and drinking as early as in the high school. While everyone is all out for higher grades and higher percentages, they are just being deprived of the real education.

One may well keep on collecting degrees but real education is different from just being literate. It’s the development of one’s conscience- the sense of right and wrong. It’s about being sensitive towards oneself and others. It’s about developing a way of life which is based on compassion, mutual respect, and moral values.

Collection of degrees might well be literacy but education is about expanding the horizon of ones mind.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Indispire# The answer is WE


The mirror today is the society and the images shown by it are WE, the people.
The mirror is distorted and we are seeing and accepting the contorted versions of ourselves.
I would deliberately use WE here because the word WE encompasses all. Each and every individual.
The distortion has been a gradual process. And today when we stand in front of this contorted mirror with a mind preoccupied with several hundred questions perhaps, it just mocks at us, backfires us with satirical questions.

It plays its game and talks to us , “Oh! how you ought to be more rich! Remember Rohan! Your school friend! He just bought a new BMW! You are still sticking to your old Alto! Oh poor you! You should spend the money you are saving for the NGO for yourself!”

“Hey! You saw Ishita’s dress in the party yesterday! She was just looking Gorgeous! Must be worth a few thousands! Why not get a costlier one for yourself for the next get together!”

“Helo dere! Don’t you think you should shift to a newer , bigger house! The one with bigger windows and a better view! You will just need to do some extra time! I am sure you will not die working  for 20 hours a day! Will you!”

This mirror is a constant reminder of how we ought to be More rich! More young! More good looking! More luxurious! More lavish. More of everything!

Bank balance, Good looks, sex appeal, luxury, lust – these are the things that are at the helm of the society today. Ruling everyone’s mind!

The morals, values like honesty and discipline, the purity of heart and soul, the desire to do something for others, the inner beauty, the beauty of thoughts and simplicity- these things have taken a back seat.

The Society as a collective whole pushes us in to this vicious circle of MORE!. And WE not able to resist give in and get lost in this vicious circle which seems to have no end. The rat race follows. The desires keep on multiplying. There is no end!

But the question is – Does the responsibility of this contorted image lies on an individual alone or the society as a whole? It’s the mirror that needs to be replaced to see the right image! If the society as a whole takes the responsibility the individuals will be taken care of. Yes, the individual is the unit and needs to be addressed first. But one individual is not the answer.
The answer lies in the masses. The answer lies in the value system. To change the philosophy and definition of a good life which has slowly and gradually taken this contorted shape as we see it all around today, One individual is not enough. We need each and every individual. We need “WE”.

My answer is yes. Yes for a society based on deeper values of good will and purity of heart, of honesty, integrity and discipline. What is your answer? Can we get the solidarity of a WE?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Ek alag baichani si hai,
Ek alag hi kasak hai ye..
Ki udane ki kashish hai ye.... 
Ye man chanchal theherta hi nahin
Apne paron ko dhundne ki ek zid si lie baitha hai…… 
Lekin dhundne jo nikale to dhund pata bhi nahin……… 
 Khud se rubaroo ho pata bhi nahin … 
Hum koshish Karen lakh samjhaen…… 
Par apne bhramon ki dunia se alag ho pata hi nahin.......
Na jane kaun si umeed ka kinara kie baitha hai.......
Na jane kaun se asman ka sahara lie baitha hai
Kale ghane badlon ke saye se....... 
Tez barsati barish ki tabahi se
Dar aur saham to jata hai ye……
Lekin har manna iski fidrat main nahin ……
Na jane roshani ki kaun si aas hai ye … 
Jisme khud ko is kadar bhigaye baitha hai ye……
Har dard beasar sa hone laga hai…
Ye na sunna chahta hai na samjhna chahta hai….
Baichani ka ye ajeeb silsila hai…
Jisse bahar ana shayad ye chahta hi nahin..
Ye to sirf intzar karna chahta hai…
Ek nai subh ka ..
Ye to sirf intzar karna chahta hai…

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Modern Healthcare in India - Present and Future Scenario

As the saying of the wise goes 

Health is wealth

Indeed so! And in today’s busy and Competitive world even more so…

In the modern fast paced world, where everyone is running around and working nonstop; it becomes even more important that in this race one’s health doesn’t get neglected. Therefore it becomes imperative that quality healthcare and better medical infrastructure be available to everyone.

In India, healthcare is being delivered through both Public healthcare and Private healthcare.
Although public healthcare system provides free and subsidized healthcare but the infrastructure and quality of healthcare are the main concerns that are still being dealt with.
However the silver lining is that all these concerns have been taken care by the Private healthcare system. Private healthcare system has been able to provide the best healthcare facilities to masses with its cutting edge technological advancements, best medical practitioners and doctors with worldwide reputation, state of the art infrastructure and constant advances in medicine and equipments.

Today India offers best healthcare facilities which are at par with the western countries.
Private hospitals in India like Apollo and many others have come a long way where they can boast of world class medical facilities and that too at a comparatively lesser expense.  Treatment costs in Indian hospitals are way less as compared to the costs in USA or Britain. That’s why Modern India has become one of the most favorable destinations for medical tourism. People from neighboring countries as well as from African and Gulf countries now travel to India for better medical facilities.
Indian hospitals excel in the areas of heart surgery, hip replacement, and Joint replacement and are much sought after even by the westerns because of less cost. A Cardiac Surgery costs almost a tenth of what it does in America which in itself is a matter of pride for Indian healthcare and an enough incentive for westerns to look up to India for treatment

Indian hospitals provide facilities like Cardiology and Cardiothoracic Surgery, Joint Replacement, Orthopedic Surgery, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Transplants and Urology. The Hospitals also provide services like Neurology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Endocrinology, ENT, Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Neurology, Urology, Nephrology, Dermatology, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Psychiatry, General Medicine and General Surgery.

 Moreover, there have been many ground breaking innovations in the field of medicine
Today we have cure for even the rarest of rare diseases. As we see some new kind of ailment springing up every new season be it SARS, Bird Flu, Swine flu or the latest Avian flu, the medical fraternity have been able to combat all these diseases with their knowledge, perseverance, clinical research and innovation in drugs and medication.

Recent past has seen a lot of development in technology related to diagnosis and treatment, which includes New and sophisticated instruments, automation, surgical robotics, modular operating theatres, minimal access surgery systems, telemedicine, radiology. Development of a lot many healthcare gadgets is also underway.

For example
Diabetics can be supervised in a better way with the help of a glucometer, which performs the action of measuring glucose in the patient's blood and the reading then goes directly from the glucometer to the health care provider via mobile phone.
A Vscan is a Pocket-sized visualization tool with ultrasound which enables physicians to conduct internal visual exams of their patients to confirm what they may or may not be hearing immediately and non-invasively.

Telemedicine which arrived in 1999 involves the remote diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients via videoconferencing or the Internet.

“Prevention is better than cure”

Treatment and Prevention being the flipsides of healthcare, modern healthcare pays an equal emphasis on prevention too. Preventive health checkups can help in early detection of some serious ailments like cancer which can be cured if diagnosed at an early stage.   
There are some 85-plus tests to ascertain if people are healthy or not. From blood tests to quick CT and MRI scans to rule out cancers, Stress test for families with cardiac history, Blood pressure, cholesterol  and sugar level, general eye test, health checkup for woman like Mammogram test for identifying possible signs of breast cancer etc.
These Preventive health checkups therefore can help to nip the evil in the bud. Early diagnosis helps in complete and efficient cure. The finance minister has even announced a tax incentive of up to 5,000 for preventive health check-ups, thus underlining the importance of prevention.

However Healthcare in small towns and villages still remains one of the prime concerns

Most of the best private hospitals are located in Metros and tier one cities while rural healthcare needs are yet to be addressed in a more effective way. But the good news is that there have been several advances in the form of telemedicine and video conferencing.
Many hospitals like Amrita Institute of medical sciences, Arvind eye hospital, Apollo Hospitals have made an attempt to reach out to the rural and less accessible areas by means of telemedicine.
  • For example DISHA(a Distance health care advancement project)  partnered by Apollo hospitals is  a novel telemedicine initiative to provide long distance healthcare to the under-served population  aimed at providing healthcare to vulnerable groups at an affordable cost. With this objective in mind, a mobile Teleclinical van will reach out to areas that do not have access to state of the art medical care. The van will have an ultrasound machine, an X-ray, a defibrillator and an ECG machine along with dedicated doctors and other Para-medical staff from Apollo Hospitals. The hospital has also ensured availability of specialist doctors and operational staff at its hospital to facilitate multi-specialty consultations for patients visiting the mobile tele-clinical vans. Aided by technology and service minded Medicare professionals, the van will offer superspeciality and specialty tele consultation, lab facilities, onsite consultation and secondary and tertiary care where needed
  • The CURE foundation is another effort by Apollo Hospitals to bring cancer care to those who cannot afford it. CURE extends preventive as well as rehabilitative cancer treatment to the economically backward
  • The Hospitals are also running awareness campaigns against various diseases by means of presentations, counseling, audio or video conferencing and such similar initiatives. These awareness campaigns are directed on educating the rural people about a balanced and healthy diet, malnutrition, Sanitation, some minor and major ailments.
Hopefully this Healthcare gap in India will be bridged with the expansion of Private hospitals into the rural and suburban areas. And the vision of universal healthcare will soon be realized.
We Indians are lucky to have a rich cultural heritage of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Pranayam and a few simple exercises are simplest way to keep healthy. . Many diseases related to heart, joints, obesity can be controlled by regular yoga and exercises.
Small dose of simple Yogasans in the morning also keeps you fresh for the entire day.
We can simply switch on the TV in the morning to learn a few simple yogasans by Baba Ramdev or we can learn them from easily accessible CD’s or over the internet.

On a closing note modern healthcare ensures wellness for all by means of technology, medicine and traditional forms of healthcare. There are certain challenges like matching the rural healthcare standards with those of the urban, but with all the initiatives being taken up by the Private hospitals and their expansion plans we can hope for a brighter picture of the future.

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