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Yes or No to Premarital sex?

Yes or no to premarital sex? Well I believe it’s a subjective question rather than an objective one. Here I won’t fall into the trap of preaching because I believe this is a question for which correct response might be different for every individual. So instead of taking any sides or answering the question in yes or no, I would try to site the reasons for my own stand and why I would believe what I believe.
I don’t view sex as an act of the physical pleasure only. I believe it’s something that not only signifies the relation between two bodies but connects two souls. It’s a tribute to that irrevocable love which is eternal and forever. We often talk about soul mates. In the practical world the concept of soulmates sometimes sounds so absurd but I still take the liberty to believe that soulmates do exist.
One may have many soft corners, crushes or infatuations. One may have a lot many relationships as well. But there will be a moment when the heart knows perfectly that this is what is supposed to be forever. There are no dilemmas in that moment. Because the connection is of the souls and in that moment one can see the pages of future unfolding before their eyes. There is no moving on or hopping on to another from that moment. That is when true love knocks at your door and in that magical moment you commit yourself for entire life.
“Profound desire, true desire is the desire to be close to someone.” - Paulo Coelho
The aforesaid things might seem irrelevant in today’s context. But honestly I don’t care whether its relevant or realistic or not. I have got the soul of a dreamer which revels in the idea of eternal, irrevocable, magical and infallible love and I would always wait for such love to come my way because I believe God must have created the other half of my soul which sooner or later is supposed to encounter it to make it complete even if by way of marriage. Marriages are made in heaven they say! And I love to believe that idea. For god knows what’s best for my soul. And so I would love to save my virginity for that one person with whom my whole life is written, for the one who is my soulmate.
I would refrain from the idea of premarital sex because I believe if the love is true and connects the souls there is no urgency to express it by way of involving in the carnal pleasures. It can always wait and wait will only help one be completely sure about the thing which one has believed to be the feeling of love. Profoundness in love should be very foundation of relationship. And profoundness would never demand some short lived passionate moments, it would rather demand commitment of lifetime and a love that goes even beyond lifetime.

“Anyone who is in love is making love the whole time, even when they're not. When two bodies meet, it is just the cup overflowing. They can stay together for hours, even days. They begin the dance one day and finish it the next, or--such is the pleasure they experience--they may never finish it. No eleven minutes for them.” ― Paulo Coelho

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Indispire# My 10 Anytime Watch list

When it comes to movies, I am not a big fan of those which come under the serious undertone. Nor I like action and thrillers. The movies where a lot of concept is involved like inception, or the historical ones are also not my types. Infact mostly I like girly chic flicks. Here’s my  10 anytime watchlist.

      1-   Serendipity: My all time favorite. A cute story of love and destiny. Who says love can’t happen in one meeting. Who says love should always be practical. This movie is a must watch for all the believers in destiny.
      2-    27 dresses: Here the protagonist is a cute gal who has a unique passion of giving people happiness on their weddings and she does so by being the bridesmaid in their weddings. She had saved all 27 dresses of bridesmaid in her wardrobe. The story begins when this hot guy traps her into interviewing her with all those 27 dresses on without her knowing it. One should watch the movie to know how their love story builds up. Again a cute love story.

      3-   The proposal: The pushy boss forces her young assistant to marry him for avoiding her deportation. She eventually ends up travelling to his place, who turns out to be very rich, meets his family, gets to know him and eventually falls for him. A happy watch with a happy ever after.

      4-   50 first dates: It sends the jitters out of me to see this hopelessly romantic guy fall in love with a gal who is a patient of Alzheimer’s (or something of the kind). Everyday he meets her and makes her fall in love with him all over again.

      5-   Enchanted: As the name of the movie is, it actually leaves you enchanted. A fantasy romantic comedy, where a princess from the cartoon world lands into the world of humans. Here she discovers the new found feeling of love as humans feel it.

      6-   Love struck: A musical fantasy love story. An age old tonic capable of turning old people to young is taken by the stubborn mother who is keen on stopping her daughter’s wedding citing reasons of career. The dance is awesome.

      7-   Runaway Bride: I can so identify with this girl who knows nothing about her choices. Every time she is with a guy she makes his choices her own without actually knowing her own. And at the day of wedding she always runs off leaving all her fiancĂ©es at the altar because she’s never sure. The story is about the gal finding her true love eventually.

      8-   Then add a few more like I Got a mail, The princess diaries, Pursuit of happiness, Pyar ka punchnama, Hazaron khwaishen aisi, Rang de basanti, Satta..

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Indi- Happy Hours# A fear Free Society for women?

“Where the mind is without fear”
Such was a future Rabindranath Tagore had envisioned for India. But unfortunately the kind of future we are living in is way different if we talk in context of women safety.
The world is surrounded by such beasts who are clothed in human skin, look no different than the human race, walk freely in the streets, move about in buses and cars. How are women supposed to recognize them and their beastly instincts which are so well hidden under the clothes of human skin. Their looks can be deceptive. Full of violence and lust, they may trap women into the image of a gentleman and later show their true colors.

Quoting the statistics from India Today,
“Ninety-two women were raped on an average every day in India and the national capital with 1,636 cases recorded the highest number of such crimes among all cities last year.
According to figures released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the total number of rape cases reported in India has gone up to 33,707 in 2013 from 24,923 in 2012.
In 15,556 cases, the rape victims were aged between 18 and 30 years in 2013.
The number of rape cases has doubled in Delhi in 2013 compared to the previous year. A total of 1,636 rape cases were reported in the city last year, while 706 such cases were reported in the year 2012. On an average, four rape cases were reported in Delhi everyday in 2013.
As per the NCRB data, Madhya Pradesh at an average records 11 rapes every day, with a total of 4,335 such cases, which is the highest in 2013 among all other states.
The data showed that 13,304 cases were reported in 2013 where the victim was a minor, which was 9,082 in the previous year.
The data also unveiled a disturbing fact that in the majority of the cases, the offenders were known to the victims. NCRB statistics shows that in 94 per cent of the cases the offenders were familiar to the accused.”

The woman are told to be careful and vigilant while walking in the streets, while boarding a taxi, while coming late from the office but how can women be careful from their own neighbors, from those so called known offenders? How the juvenile girls who yet do not know the reality of it should be made aware of the situation and how they should be careful?

The cases of sexual harassment and eve teasing are not to be ignored. Leave apart Streets and vulnerable places but are women free of harassment in their school, colleges and workplaces? Lewd comments and cracking of vulgar jokes is also commonplace.

Why our society is taking such shape where the women have to live with this fear while doers of such beastly acts are roaming about freely under the veils unrecognizable?
To rise above fear we do not only require laws but enforcement of such laws with zero tolerance policy.

The following are a slew of measures which can help to some extent at least.
  •    There should be more women police officers who should be trained properly on such matters.
  •  There should be more cab services with lady drivers.
  • Thorough Background checks should be conducted on the taxi drivers and other public transport drivers.
  •   There should be security guards and police patrolling on the vulnerable stretches at the night hours.
  •     Installation of CCTV cameras in police stations to be aware of any lacunae in the system.
  •   More stringent laws on eve teasing and any kind of sexual harassment.
  • All women should carry pepper spray with themselves.
  •  An app of a kind which can send a signal to the nearest police station in case of emergency.
  •  The porn should be banned completely.
  •  The women should carry pepper sprays with them for self defense
  • The police and administration should come up with something of the type of tranquilizer guns or something of the same kind which could be used for the purpose of self defense in case of emergency
  • And most importantly what is required is to teach and educate our youth and the rest.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Let's make India cleaner! - Banega swachh India#

The place looked so familiar. As I looked around, it took me a moment to realize that it was my own place, my own home. But how come it became so shabby! Paper plates and coffee cups strewn all over the floor. Wrappers of this and that lying all over the sofa. Dustbin was wide open and all the trash was lying on the floor. The walls had patches of sauces, coffee and what not splattered on them. I was dumbstruck. Was there a ghost here! The night before when I left everything was in place and perfect! I could die with a heart attack but before my heart could collapse, my eyes opened. It was a dream! I was saved and that’s why I am able to write this post.
My eyes opened but I believe every citizen of this country needs to open his eyes. NO wonder we will all have the same exasperating and overwhelming reaction if something of this sort happens to our well kempt home. But what about our county at large? Do we treat it the same way we treat our homes?
Why do people keep collecting heaps of garbage on roadsides? Why people become so impatient to throw the trash and wrappers at the very place they are standing rather than waiting to reach a dustbin? Why do people spit on roads and public places? Why do people pee at roadsides? Why do people spoil the beauty of the very places they pretend to appreciate? Why do people smoke cigarettes and throw them here and there just like that? Why do people chew Pans and gutkhas and empty their mouths anywhere suited to their comfort? Why do people sabotage public property and public parks? Why Public toilets in our country are always in such pathetic condition? Why do people supply adulterated food items on the cost of hygiene and health just for a few extra bucks? Why do caterers supplying bulk food don’t pay any attention to maintain hygiene?  Why do people on spotting some wrappers hesitate so much to pick it up and throw it in its rightful place? Why people disregard and dispel all the advice to follow the cleanliness rules as some impossible moral policing?
Will these people behave in the same manner, had it been their own home? Then why a different treatment is being meted out for the country and the planet earth? Is it not the planet earth which is our home? Is it not our country which is our home? Are our responsibilities of cleanliness limited to four walls of our houses? Don’t we owe any responsibilities towards our country?
Don’t we all have coffee time discussions on how India is lagging behind other developed countries? That how the other countries are so very clean and well maintained? Then why after coffee these intellectuals fail to create awareness among people and selves of the importance of sanitation and cleanliness?
Let’s all resolve to treat our country as our home and take care of it the same way as we do for inside the four walls of our houses. If we can dirty our hands in keeping our homes clean then can’t we do the same for our country? Let’s all be responsible and help in any and every way; smallest and biggest to keep our country clean.

Let’s all be a part of cleanliness drive and ensure that “Banega swach India”
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INDI-Happy Hours...My wishlist

Seychelles will always be on the top of my wishlist. An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has the most beautiful and stunning beaches. A perfect getaway for a solo dream holiday.  Capital Victoria is located on the island Mahe, which is the largest island of Seychelles. Praslin island is another easily accessible island which homes the Vallee de mai nature reserve, a Unesco World Heritage Site , where we can see wild coco de mer – the world’s largest coconut. Tiny La Digue with its splendid beaches is a perfect place to be. Unique Granite rock formations one can see here are just a visual treat.
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 Lie at the beaches for hours together and keep observing the sea shore, lazing around, walk in the national parks and natural reserves, and walking purposelessly sometimes, trying out local dishes……..Oh I wish, I could get this holiday!!
There are adventure things to do as well like the undersea diving, snorkeling, boating and cruising!!!
Seychelles is one of the perfect places to be!!!

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Next on my list is Majuli Island which is the largest riverine island on the waters of mighty Brahmaputra. It’s said about the island that it keeps on shrinking due to the erosion caused by river water and may be in twenty years or so it will completely disappear. One has to take a ferry ride from Jorhat to reach Majuli. The island is an absolute bliss for nature lovers and a paradise or bird watchers. The island sees many species of migratory birds. One can also enjoy the various colors of tribal culture and get a feel of the tribal culture here. Majuli is also a hotspot for flora and fauna.

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Kashmir is another favorite. Unmatched in its beauty, It’s a sure heaven on earth. Terrorism has hit the tourism business of Kashmir. But it’s my heartfelt desire to visit Kashmir once. Smell the fragrance of flowers of Gulmarg valley, Stay on houseboat on Dal-lake, encage in my soul the beauty of mountains, glaciers and the meadows of Sonmarg, and get lost in the scenic beauty of Pehalgam. Only if it was possible, I would spend an eternity in this heavenly place.

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Ladakh, the next on the list is located in the state of J&K. The rocky mountains of Ladakh covered with snow and the clear deep blue water of the lakes is breathtakingly beautiful. The place is no less than divine. Untouched by human atrocities on nature, it’s a treat for the eyes and a blessing for a photographer. I wish to travel to this place on a bike. A romantic drive to Ladakh on a bike is a dream I would give anything for!!

Kanyakumari, is another on my wish list. It’s the southernmost point of India where three seas, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea meet. This place therefore is called Triveni Sangam. Kanyakumari has got religious significance. There are many temples worth visiting. Also there is a rock in the mid of the water where its said that Swami Vivekananda meditated and attained enlightenment. A rock memorial by the name of Vivekananda memorial has been constructed here on the rock in the water which is one of the main attractions of visitors. The sunrise and sunset as seen from here have matchless beauty. One can see the sun in its various hues and colors as it rises above the horizon in the morning and goes back to sleep somewhere beyond the reach of eyes in the evening.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Drive Safe, Drive Happy!!

 According to The Global status report on road safety 2013  by WHO “ More than 231 000 people are killed in road traffic crashes in India every year.”
 If we take a look at the Statistics, approximately half of all deaths on the country's roads are among vulnerable road users - motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists.

There are growing no. of incidents of accidents of teenagers on account of Rash driving. Bikers sometimes suffer from injuries and accidents because of their tendency to fly in the air rather than being grounded. The drunken driving is injurious to both health of the driver and the pedestrians.
Life of a person is not only his own, but there are several lives connected with one life. One must therefore be responsible towards one’s own life as well as life of his fellow beings.
We all talk about our fundamental rights more often than we talk about our fundamental duties. To have improved road infrastructures and improved medical facilities is sure one of our rights. But when it comes to road safety, our duties play more important role. So let’s all pledge to play our part honestly and abide by the Traffic rules.
  • Say no to drinking while driving.

Drunken Driving is fatal to self and others.
  •  Driving faster can cause disaster.

Drive slowly and don’t cross the speed limits. Don’t let the hurry of a few minutes take away a lifetime from you.

  •  Using a seat belt, an unforeseen tragedy can be dealt.  

Seat belts are the most important safety feature of a car.  Seat belts reduce the risk of  losing life in a crash by about 50%
  • Talking on a handset can be a reason to be upset.

While driving one should never talk on phone. Either use hand free cell phones or stop the car and talk.
  •  Wear a helmet, to avoid a stalemate

Wearing a helmet is a must for two wheelers as it can save one from fatal head injuries in case of an accident.
  •  Haste makes waste.

Never cross the roads hastily, avoid listening to music while crossing, pay attention and don’t run into any risk of life
  •  Be a Watchdog when with kids.

Keep an eye on children. Don’t let them play on the road.
  •  We two, but not our two.

Avoid Overloading of vehicles. Three people at a time should not sit on two wheeler.
  •  Rest is important.

In umpteen no. of cases accidents happen because of the sleepiness of driver. Take proper rest and avoid driving too long at a stretch
  • Patience is a virtue.

Keep patience and don’t break the signals. Be a responsible citizen.

To make sure people follow their duties well, many of the above mentioned have already been made obligations by the way of law. But still we are lacking in the fulfillment of our basic duties. Increasing the amount of penalty and stringently imposing the laws is one suggested solution. But most importantly awareness should be increased among people by way of more and more campaigns, educating the children and youth about road sense and etiquettes. The automobile companies should also promote the use of safety features and encourage their customers to exploit these features. The use of helmets should be promoted by the way of advertisements.
Besides the precautions, the post crash care is also important. The tragedies that cannot be avoided should at least be mitigated. There should be emergency help lines readily available and ambulances dedicated for the cause of road mishaps. The appropriate steps should be taken by govt hospitals and trusts etc.
The bottom-line is , DRIVE SAFE AND DRIVE HAPPY.
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Indispire# For God wants his man to..

For God wants his man to bathe in a river
Which is not the Ganga or Saraswati,
But where flows a heartful of compassion;

For God wants his man to feed him
Not with his costly offerings,
But by putting a spoonful into the mouth of a starving man;

For God wants his man to respect him
Not by fighting over his supremacy or power,
But by respecting his living image of parents;

For God wants his man to love him
Not with his desperate attempts to please him,
But with a will which is selfless and pure;

For God wants his man to follow him
Not by encouraging division, ill will and politics in the name of sects,
But by adopting his ideals of righteousness and morality;

For God wants his man to flatter him
Not by following the rudimentary and superstitious,
But by the power of reasoning and intellect;

For God wants his man to remember him
Not in the name of scuffles related to religion,
But in one and the sole religion of humanity;

For God wants his man to make temples
Not of concrete and stone on the hills and planes,
But of the tenderness, hope and faith in his own soul;

For God wants his man not to fear him ,
But to feel him and love him.

Light and Dark both are hidden inside us. A True worship will brighten the light and fade the darkness.