Saturday, June 20, 2015

*The Cold Eyes - Part II*

When we love someone we accept the person completely. We accept him as one whole package; with his qualities and his flaws an integral part of the package with no room for a forced change.

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The day ended.  Ananya was lying still on her cozy bed and recollecting the details of the day. Suddenly, she started feeling unusually cold. Something inside her was changing. Her feelings were taking a turn. She knew very well that falling for the same guy again was like wishing to eat a forbidden fruit. She was turning on one side and then another to distract herself and dispel her thoughts which were attracting her to Akash. She had driven him out of her system yet a faint picture was alive in a certain corner of her heart. This picture was now re-evolving in full colors.

Two years back—

Ananya and Akash were walking hands in hands on the crowded streets of the mini-market place. Ananya loved shopping, and more than shopping she loved bargaining. Akash was reticent and he preferred to pay the full amount rather than to waste his energy on bargaining. Ananya’s face had an expression of sort of achievement when she successfully got the stuff at the bargained price. She was very talkative. Her overly animate face had expressions for everything; whether it be compassion for the beggars on the roadsides, joy on seeing a child smile or the comfort of seeing a temple around; her expressions were apt to the occasions. Akash, however was completely opposite. His expressions were always solemn and grim. Nothing could fine tune the lines of his grimace to change expressions. His smile was a calculative one. A whole hearted laugh was something he had probably never even tried. Some people considered him odd or kind of socially awkward.

Inspite of all his odds, Ananya never doubted her feelings for him. She unlike all the people did not see his exterior; she knew his heart. She saw him from the remotest corners of his heart, where she knew there was nothing except goodwill for all. She trusted him for his genuine nature. She did not judge him for his cold mannerism or unrefined etiquettes with girls. She believed that etiquettes and pleasantries were just some decorating details on a pure and genuine heart; just like the garnishing on already well cooked food. She had decided that she could live without those decorating details. ….

@@@ To be continued…..

Part-I @

Sunday, June 14, 2015

* Dare to Dream*

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I have always been a person who leaves the things midway. I dare to dream; I dare to put in hard work for my dreams but the very first storm that comes my way changes my direction. Sometimes I feel like a boat which is just sailing in the waters without any direction. Nevertheless, I always manage to inspire and motivate myself through words. Here I am sharing a few lines I had penned at a time when there was such a struggle going on in my head.

Don’t leave the things midway,
Go all the way, till the end,
They say;

It’s alright to be tired,
But, let the passion,
Still be fired;

Take rest, stop,
Be still for some moments,
But, don’t decide your boundaries,
To your heart’s laments;

Don’t sit down
to never get up again,
Keep chasing the success,
Till the end of the lane….

Dare to dream! And Dare to make your dreams come true!
Remember, “If I can dream it, I can do it.”

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Indispire # "If I can dream it, I can do it"- Do you follow this Walt Disney saying in your life? #Life

Friday, June 12, 2015

* Skin Care and Ayurveda*

"Let Food be your first medicine and kitchen be your first remedy"

A clear skin is the dream of every woman. Sometimes, when I am walking on the streets and I see a clear glowing skin, I feel so delighted and envied too. I wish I were that woman with that flawless skin. I have a combination skin; dry and oily in patches. Like every other woman clear and flawless skin is one of my biggest dreams.

I am not a very big fan of all the glam up cosmetics. It’s like pouring chemicals on your skin to make it look better, but in the long run these chemicals are going to suck all the life from your skin. The natural techniques like Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation on the other hand keep our skin so much healthier and full of life. Ayurveda is safe on the skin and addresses the skin problems in a holistic manner. The herbal extracts and fruit extracts along with the intake of water in adequate amounts, exercise and yoga, a balanced and nutritious diet, all these things practiced on a regular basis can work wonders on the skin. India has a rich heritage and Ayurveda is one of the biggest gifts India has given to the world. Ayurveda has remedies for all kind of skin problems. Ayurveda is a perfect and a completely natural mantra for ageless, glowing and radiant skin with no pimples and inflammations.

I am sharing a few tips for a clear and healthy skin free of pimples.

Water: Drinking a lot of water keeps the skin hydrated. It helps in detoxification of the entire internal system of the body. It helps in restoring moisture and prevents the skin from being dry.

Diet: A balanced and healthy diet which includes a lot of fruits and green vegetables is essential for overall health and health of the skin also. In Ayurveda, a vegetarian diet is generally recommended. The consumption of processed foods, oily and junk food should be avoided. Green tea and fruits like pomegranate and apple contain anti-oxidants which help in preventing the premature aging of the skin. Milk is a rich source of riboflavin which helps in keeping the skin glowing and healthy. Milk also contains Amino acids which help in keeping the skin hydrated.

Yoga and exercises: Simple deep breathing exercises help in releasing toxins of the body. Surya-Namaskar, Fish-Pose and Pranayam are a few of the yoga techniques which can keep the skin healthy. Meditation is another way of practicing yoga. It releases the toxins and makes our consciousness more aware helping the skin to look more radiant and glowing

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Ayurvedic Herbs:

Haldi (Turmeric) is an Antiseptic is useful for pimples and other skin problems. It makes the skin fair, clear and glowing.
Keshar is effective in the treatment of acne, pimples, blemishes and black spot. It also  brings out fairness
Aloe vera moisturizes & nourishes the skin. It relieves the dry, itchy skin, minor infections and makes the skin smooth, supple & younger looking.
Cucumber acts as a coolant, antiseptic, freshens & nourishes the skin. It has anti-aging properties and covers wrinkles and fine lines on the face.
Tulsi acts as an antiseptic & natural astringent and gives freshness to the skin.

There are a few homemade packs which can be made very quickly and have some brilliant effects on skin:

A slight amount of turmeric added to besan and slight amount of Rose-water makes an easy face pack which helps in removing the dead skin.
A facepack made from banana and honey has antibacterial properties and helps reduce pimples
Fruit pulp of Papaya or any other fruit is good for skin in general.

A face pack made from neem powder with slight amount of rose-water helps preventing acne and pimples

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In nutshell, It is important to adopt right practices in order to look young and fresh. In the era where Go-green is the mantra, lets understand the power of Ayurveda and use it to our advantage.

Here I am sharing one of the few products which is using Ayurveda for benefits of one and all.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

*The Cold eyes -- Part I*

Every single person who touches our life even for a smallest while, leaves an imprint on our minds. Every encounter teaches us something, sometimes we may be so preoccupied to observe or understand, but nonetheless we are affected in some or the other way.

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Hot steaming coffee garnished with fresh coffee beans on the top was the specialty of café brazilia. Ananya was enjoying the aroma of coffee in the ambience of finely decorated interiors.
There is no other pleasure greater than chitchatting with your girlfriends. Sharing the details of the day and all that passed when they were away, the stories of silly stupid crushes, flings and serious relationships, there is nothing under the sun that you can’t share with your girlfriends. And at the end of all the serious and not-so-serious gossip, you always manage to have a good and hearty laugh.

The girls were laughing and having a good time together. A guy entered the café and sat on the table opposite to them. He was sitting alone, probably waiting for someone or maybe he was just hanging out by himself. He looked fairly handsome. Ananya’s eyes went up the table and met his. Their eyes met for a short while and got locked into each other. It was Déjà vu. It had happened to Ananya before when she had lost herself in the cold depth of those eyes. Something was different though. Those eyes had become still colder than they used to be.

Time had changed. Ananya had left the past behind. She had moved ahead, far ahead. The look in his eyes had a hint of the past, though cold, his eyes had a look of expectation, expectation of acknowledgement or something more than that may be. No, Ananya would not repeat the mistake of treading into the cold desert of his eyes again. She had lost herself in that desert before and the escape had been miraculous. She knew the emotional conundrum she had experienced. She had loved him from all her heart, but she could never feel that she was loved back. She had tried doing everything she could to reach beyond the coldness of those eyes and see a trace of affection for herself. She had failed miserably. Her love did not seem enough. She could not warm up the cold desert which existed in his heart visible through his eyes. His world was different, where emotions needed not to be expressed. She could not look into those eyes anymore, depths of which were cold yet intriguing. She looked aside and then turned her eyes back to her table. She started sipping coffee to distract herself …..

Ananya had learnt valuable lessons from her experience. You may love someone to the extent of worshiping them, but every worship finds its origin in your heart. That origin needs to be loved and respected first. You may never get another you, once you loose this you. So you need to be for yourself before being for anyone else. 

Ananya knew it very well that she could not land at the same place again and yet she felt a passing desire to keep looking into his eyes. Though she pulled her eyes off him, she wondered what it might lead to if she continued......

To be Continued…………………..

Sunday, May 17, 2015

*Wind $ Fire*

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What pulled me into you,
I have no clue;
The truth in your eyes,
A feeling that
you are incapable of lies;
I need no assurances about you,
You are the one
To keep me away from blues;

I saw a spark rising,
It’s now the fire
Burning in your heart;
I felt a chill of the breeze,
It’s now the wind
Blowing in my heart;
No, it’s not a game,
It’s an addiction
Of fire for the wind
And wind for the fire;

The look in my eyes
is of a profound desire,
To lock your soul into mine,
And together rise higher;
The voice in my head
talks out loud and asks thine,
Is it his heart which is supposed
to forever reverberate with mine;
No, it’s not a game,
It’s an addiction
Of fire for the wind
And wind for the fire;

Defeating the distances,
It’s your embrace that I want to feel,
Defeating the inhibitions and hesitations,
It’s in the altar of love where I want to kneel;
No, it’s not a game,
It’s an addiction
Of fire for the wind
And wind for the fire;

The child in me is getting fond of you,
Feeling attached,
it does’nt want to let you go,
Keeping you forever with me,
your feet under my toe;
No, it’s not a game,
It’s an addiction
Of fire for the wind
And wind for the fire;

You make me feel safe and secure,
Confident in my own skin even as I demure;
You do not judge me,
Not for the virtues, not for the vices,
With you I feel
I am free
of the reserves and of the biases;
No, it’s not a game,
It’s an addiction
Of fire for the wind
And wind for the fire;

You make me feel I belong,
With you I feel so strong;
I want you to come and say
that I am wrong,
that you are not just a fiction of my mind,
but a reality, one of its own kind;
that you are not just
a part of my utopian world,
but a fragment of imagination turned real,

looking for me in the herd…

Thursday, May 7, 2015


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I am free…
I am infinite…
I am the ocean
Of thoughts,
My feelings and emotions,
The never ending water of the sea;
My soul,
The horizon where the sky meets the sea…

I am free…
I am infinite…
I am the ocean,
My touch can give tingles on your bare skin,
Not always will it be soft on you,
I could peel the layers of your skin,
And break your bones,
With the thrashing force of my touch;

I am free…
I am infinite…
I am the ocean,
I am gentle and welcoming,
My waves are mild and flirty,
They love playing with your feet,
Not always it’s the mildness I pour on you,
I could take the ground off your feet,
If I chose to be furious,
I can act before you can think;

I am free…
I am infinite…
I am the ocean,
I am a friend of the calm,
And a lover of the silence,
I haven’t lost my voice yet,
The thunders and roars of the rising waves,
Could thrash you,
Make you deaf in less than a moment;

I am free…
I am infinite…
I am the ocean
Of thoughts,
My feelings and emotions,
The never ending water of the sea,
My soul,
The horizon where the sky meets the sea…

I am free…
I am infinite…
I am a woman…
I am a conformist and I am a rebellion,
I am bold and I am beautiful,
I am meticulous and I am sincere,
I am quiet and I am loud,
I am a woman…
I am free…
I am infinite…
I am the ocean
Of thoughts,
My feelings and emotions,
The never ending water of the sea,
My soul,

The horizon where the sky meets the sea…

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

* The In...complete*


Zindagi mein sabko mukamal jahan nahin milta,
Kisi ko zamin to kisi ko asman nahin milta.....

He came by,
And touched my soul,
He made me smile and laugh,
With him I felt whole;

I wished him morning,
And he kissed my hand,
We roamed about in the beaches,
And played with the sand;

We made houses of cards,
And the dunes of sand,
We had a colorful world,
And we lived in a dream land;

We listened to each other’s silence,
We Smiled and laughed together,
We giggled for no reasons, always in love,
Irrespective of the weather,

Not my body but my heart he touched,
Staring into his eyes I forgot the days rush,
Inside his heart was my little world,
Where I lived without a blush;

He kissed my nose,
And I kissed his forehead,
He proposed me with a rose,
And I became all red.

Some stories however are never meant to be complete,
Together we were, Together we are, together we will be,
Only that I can’t stare into his eyes, no more can feel his body’s heat,
He’s in my memories forever and in the air I breathe…

He’s mine and I am his….
Our story remained incomplete….
But it’s for each other that our hearts will always beat….