Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Indispire# The stranger who taught me a lot!

“Where did u keep the keys of the car? I am getting late.”
“I don’t remember!”
“What do you mean I don’t remember? You are seriously good for nothing.”

It was a bad start of the day for Ananya. It had been happening quite often lately. Sometimes she would simply feel like running away.

 Ungrateful husband, spoiled children and a demanding job! Ananya felt like she was sinking deep into the muddy waters, coming out from where was becoming more and more difficult.

“Are you ready for the presentation?”
“Yes! Yes, I sure am!”
All eyes were on Ananya. She hit the click on right one. Alas! What started playing was not the Ad campaign she was supposed to present. It was her daughter’s sleep over party video!

She stopped it right there. Confused, embarrassed, struggling to get the right video, she finally surrendered to her fate. She apologized and avoiding the tears took a leave of the room.

Her daughter was reckless and stupid. But today Ananya was totally embarrassed because of her.

She left office. With tears in her eyes, she just wanted to jump off a high building.

“How am I going to face everyone in the office tomorrow! There is something seriously wrong with me. I am not a good wife. I am not a good mother. I am not even good at my work. For what reason am I still alive!”

Teary eyed, she was walking on the side of the road.
She was not looking around, not even taking her eyes off the ground. She was completely upset.

A lady with black sunglasses touched her from behind. She had a cane in her hand. It took a moment for Ananya to realize that she was blind. She requested Ananya to help her cross the road.

Ananya looked at her. Though she was blind, she had a smile on her face. Her face had so much charisma and glow. Her voice was so positive and vibrant. Without those black sunglasses on, nobody would perhaps ever be able to tell that she was blind. She looked so happy and cheerful. Ananya wondered if a blind person could ever look so much at peace, so positive!

Ananya held her hand and helped her cross the road.

“It’s such a beautiful day! You are lucky that you can see the beauty around. For me I can only feel it. Thank you and God bless you, dear!”

Hearing these words Ananya was almost mesmerized by her positivity. She did not crib about being blind, or not able to see things. Rather she said a very beautiful thing that  inspite of not being able to see, she could still feel.

“How foolish am I! One bad day, one bad presentation, troubles with children or arguments with husband, these things are just so small when I look at my life at large! The day could still be beautiful inspite of all its troubles if I choose to feel that way!”
“I don’t think I am ever going to meet this lady again in life. But the few moments’ encounter with her is going to be a lifetime thing for me. This beautiful stranger has taught me a lot! God has given us a lot to be grateful for and yet we concentrate only on that part which is missing. Gratitude and optimism in every situation is the lesson I learnt from this stranger which I am not ever going to forget!”

Ananya forgot about the presentation, thanked God for whatever she had been gifted with and walked back cheerfully towards home.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

IndiHH# If!!

If I were befikar sari umar,
With no liabilities whatsoever;
I would live my life
to the fullest,
With never dying euphoria
Occupying me to the crest;

If it were possible, I would live like a mad person. My today would have no idea about my tomorrow. And my today will not give a tiniest shit about what was my yesterday.

If it were possible, I would live on the edge.  I would spend erratically without worrying about that thought, “Oh! What am I gonna do tomorrow!” 

If it were possible to not think about any liabilities of the future, I would just get on a never ending shopping spree. I would pamper myself with a new dress everyday. I would happily take risks. I would go to all lengths to discover more and more of this world and myself.

Only if it were possible. ….

But responsibilities can’t ever be given up. We live not only for ourselves, but for so many people. However when I have been given this chance to write about what I would like to do if I had a life free of all constraints, I would just let my imagination fly and come up with the craziest things ;)

@@No. 1@@

I would Travel; travel insanely without breaks. Probably I will just become a hippie and would care nothing. I would shed all my inhibitions, stay at different places, eat different cuisines, meet different people, interact with strangers without forethoughts, dance and party like there is no tomorrow.

@@No. 2@@

I would do shopping; Endless shopping. I would buy all that I can.; Lots of dresses, handbags, shoes, antiques. I would spend everything I have. I would spend all my day in shopping. Street shopping, malling, online shopping, I would not let any avenue unexplored or ungratified!

@@No. 3@@

I would go to Spain for skydiving; falling freely in the air. I would do snorkeling too. I would go to a point in the sea where nothing can be seen for miles together, to live those brilliant words of Farhan Akhtar from the movie Zindagi Na milegi dobara : -

“Pighlay neelam sa behta hua yeh samaan
Neeli neeli si khamoshiyaan
Na kahin hai zameen
Na kahin aasmaan
Sarsaraati huyi tehniyaan, pattiyaan
Keh rahi hain ki bas ek tum ho yahaan
Sirf main hoon meri saansein hain aur meri dhadkanein
Aisi gehraiyaan
Aisi tanhaiyaan
Aur main sirf main
Apne honay pe mujhko yaqeen aa gaya”

@@No.  4@@

I would visit Paris. I would go to Eiffel tower. Climb up and shout out at the top of my voice. Though I don’t know what I would shout about. May be I would Thank god for giving me such a life which is #BefikarUmarBhar : ) I would go to Egyptian pyramids, Las Vegas , Rome, Italy, everywhere!

@@No.  5@@

I would visit the most unexplored places; go to the most difficult treks without fearing to take risks. I would climb mountains; visit the most haunted places without being afraid. I would feed my soul on adventure.


I would just live every bit possible ;)

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Indispire# and the tears never stopped

Ananya’s parents had shifted with her brother in U.S. Their old home in town was now locked since no one lived there. Her parents had left their home to Ananya’s care. It had been a year already that Ananya was putting off her visit to the place. Finally she decided to take sometime off and get done with the much required dusting of the place.

Away from the busy city, it was a small town with very less population. The people here were simple and welcoming. It was where she had spent better part of her childhood. It had all the memories of her childhood. She stepped into the house. There was a lot to do and she could not retire to resting before getting done with all that was there to be done. Every now and then, something or the other would make her nostalgic, but she would dispel all the thoughts so as to finish the cleaning sooner. Perhaps she had become mechanical and quite a workaholic over all these years without even realizing it.

It was almost evening before she could finish with the work.
Sitting by the window, Ananya is holding a cup of hot ginger tea in her hands. She is observing the hot vapours rising up into the air. After a certain height, these vapours start disappearing, as if losing their existence. Ananya wonders if her own life was just like those vapours perhaps. After a certain length of life, life had actually started disappearing or so she had thought.
It had been a while she had spent time like this. Just sitting back and doing nothing, thinking about nothing, just taking a look at the simplest things surrounding her.  She used to do it more often when she was young.

The sun was setting and the light slowly receding. Listening to the sounds of birds, Ananya wondered, how long and rare it had been that she paid attention to these melodies of nature.

The clock of her mind took her twenty years back in time. ..

She was just sweet sixteen back then. She used to be joyous, happy and self-absorbed all the time. She used to run after the butterflies, tried to catch the flying birds, sit on the rocks and watch the sunset. She had fanciful imaginations of some magical wand changing the colors of the sky with a spell. She had a love for the art that she could see in every form of nature. She loved painting and coloring in her teen years.

Things had changed now. She was in her late thirties, always juggling between her several roles, always trying to keep balance between her personal and professional life.  She was a caring and loving mother, an affectionate wife, a responsible daughter-in-law. But something was lacking. And it was ‘that Ananya’ that she used to be in teen years. The child in her was dying perhaps. In hustle and bustle of her professional life, and a demanding personal life, she hardly ever spent some “me-time” that she was so used to spending every now and then. She scarcely painted now. Life was just set in a routine which hardly ever changed.

She looked around the room. The old canvas was still lying on the stand in a corner of the room, waiting to be filled with the colors of nature. She picked up the canvas and colors and set out to the garden outside.

Leaves were ruffling with the mild breeze, colorful flowers eliciting the inner joy. There was inspiration everywhere, in the changing colors of setting sun, in the flight of birds returning to their nests at the dusk hours, the gradually approaching twilight, the deserted roadside, the flower strewn pathways, and the empty canvas.

Ananya had long been out of touch with the art of painting. She had nothing particular in mind. But her fingers had found the inspiration. Her fingers were drawn into a rhythm so natural and automatic. Her heart was full, and it was emptying itself into the empty canvas.

The lines, the curves were automatically taking shape. The colors were secretly whispering into her ears and urging to be filled in.

From the empty canvas to the most delightful painting, it was nothing short of a journey. A journey of soul, that overwhelmed her. The Ananya that was almost lost was found again in the colors of the canvas. She did not infuse life into the colors of canvas, rather it was those colors of the canvas which infused her lost life into her.

It was a triumph over the mundane, the torpor that was slowly occupying her, the child in her was revived again. It was a feeling of overwhelming joy that brought tears into her eyes, the tears that never stopped.

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Monday, February 9, 2015

Live to love :)

I just absolutely love Paulo Coelho.  Just finished reading Adultery.
And I can’t help sharing these lines from his novel…………

“May it always be clear that only true love can compete with any other love in this world. When we give everything, we have nothing more to lose. And then fear, jealously, boredom, and monotony disappear, and all that remains is the light from a void that does not frighten us, but brings us closer to one another. The light that always changes, and that is what makes it beautiful and full of surprises – not always those we hope for, but those we can live with.”

“To love abundantly is to live abundantly.”

“To love forever is to live forever. Eternal life is coupled with love.”

“Why do we want to live forever? Because we want to live another day with the person by our side. Because we want to keep going with someone who deserves our love, and who knows how to love us as we think we deserve to be loved. Because living is loving.”

“Love. My eyes well up with tears of joy. No one can force himself to love, nor can he force another person. All you can do is look at love, fall in love with Love, and imitate it.”

“Love begets more Love. Those who know how to love love Truth, rejoice with the truth, and do not fear it, because sooner or later it redeems everything. They seek truth with a clear, humble mind lacking prejudice or intolerance – and are ultimately satisfied with what they find.”

“True love does not consist of exposing your weaknesses to others, but instead of being unafraid to show when you need help and rejoicing in finding that things are better than what others said.”

“Life offers us thousands of opportunities for learning. Every man and every woman, in every day of their lives, has a good opportunity to surrender to love. Life is not a long vacation, but a constant learning process.
And the most important lesson is learning to love.”

“Loving better and better.
Because languages, the countries, our house and the furniture, it will all disappear..and the body will disappear too.
But one thing will be forever marked on the soul of the Universe: my Love. All in spite of my mistakes, my decisions that caused others to suffer, and the moments when I thought it didn’t exist.”

Live to Love  :)

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Lots of love….. : )

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A word with Myself

Change is inevitable. People, Situations and Life, all are bound to change. Embrace the change with open arms. When you resist, it creates friction which could cause unnecessary wear and tear. Moreover, whatever you resist, it persists.

If you expect something from someone, you are but bound to be disappointed atleast some day or the other. So, at first place don’t attach any expectations from anyone. Agreed that expectations can’t be completely given up; But the lesser the better.

Be contended with what you are. It does not mean that don’t strive for improvement but what it means is that, don’t strive too hard, be easy on yourself. Sometimes things will happen at their own pace.

Be contended with who you are. Desperate attempts to please others or change yourself according to their liking are not going to fetch you anything. It creates disharmony. Don’t push yourself into a war against yourself just because of some odd desperation for approvals or acceptance.

You are unique, You are special, You are one in a million. Don’t trade in yourself just in order to fit in. Don’t ever give up the Real You for the sake of some superficial and cursory opinions.

Sometimes situations and circumstances will demand letting go. Letting go of people, of some old dreams, of dormant feelings. Don’t hold on to such things or feelings which need to left behind. A fresh start is very important. Every once in a while, make sure to clear all the mess, both on the physical plane and the mental one.

Forgetfulness is important for the soul. When you let go certain things, it should be totally impersonal. Not an iota of feeling should be associated with it.

Love yourself in order to be loved. Respect yourself in order to be respected. Appreciate yourself in order to be appreciated. Treat yourself with dignity and you will be treated so by others as well.

Live, Learn and Grow!!
Image Source: Blogs.psychcentral.com

IndiHappyHours# Quikr Nxt

Got an oversized dress? Want to sell? …
Getting shifted? Want to sell furniture? …
Tired of playing the same Guitar? Want to sell it? …
Moving in to your new apartment? Want to buy home furnishings?
Planning to buy a new mobile? Want some good bargain at market price?

So much to buy and so much to sell!! But don’t want to get troubled with Umpteen no. of calls at odd hours? Don’t want to waste energy in talking? Fed up of Hoax calls and want only genuine buyers? Don’t know how to be sure of the product being good enough for a bet?

Well Quikr has a solution for you then!
“Online classifieds website Quikr announced the launch of a new feature, called Quikr Nxt, which allows users to chat using the website or mobile app. This means users can choose to make a listing private, which hides their email ID and phone number on the site.”

Image Source: gadgets.ndtv.com

These are three of the reasons I would choose Chat over a phone Call for such transactions…

No. 1 : It’s very hard to manage to take every phone call, many of which are only interested in enquiring about the product lacking a serious interest in buying. If you are at work, and phone keeps ringing every now and then, it might be disturbing not only for you but your boss too! So chat I guess is a preferred option.

No. 2 : While chatting one can clear one’s doubt more clearly. Got a  doubt about how many zips a handbag has, If there are some broken strings in the guitar, If the furniture looks good from every angle… All these doubts are better addressed when you have the option to send and receive as many pics of the product, from as many angles as you would like. Sending a pic simply makes it so much better than having to explain all the minor details. For the buyer too it becomes easy to judge about every aspect of the product he is in the process of buying.

No. 3 : It’s better to Chat because your number is safe. No need to make your number public. No threat of some crank calls from some irritating characters. You can also save your chat history and get relieved from remembering all the details which were talked about. For later reference you just need to check your chat history. It is convenient for the buyers too. They don’t have to make notes of prices quoted by different sellers. They may have parallel chat with multiple users and compare the price simultaneously very conveniently. They may chose to get notifications while offline also. So it’s a win-win situation for Buyer as well as Seller.

So NO FIKAR, CHAT QUIKR … Start now at  http://www.quikr.com/
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Indispire# Solitude - Unrequited love's Paradise

You are a dream
which can’t ever come true;
You are the horizon,
which can’t ever be touched;
You are the cloud,
which is never meant to rain;
You, if stay,
burn me in the fire of passion;
You, if go away,
tear my soul apart into pieces;
To stay or go away,
is a question,
I have no answer for;
it’s to be figured out;

             Image Source: hercampus.com

In your presence,
I can’t feel stronger,
Hearing your voice,
I can’t bring myself
to ignore it,
Feeling you nearby,
I can’t tell you to leave;
You are a twinkling star,
Which I can stare at longingly,
Never really getting to touch it,
Despite all the love for it,
I have to go away,
Before the fire of passion,
Burns away my love for you;

  Image Source: pixgood.com

I don’t want,
The ashes of a love,
Which once
 brightened my heart and soul,
I have to stop,
I have to go away;
When encountered with moments
Such as these,
Solitude is what
I seek;
What I need is tenderness all around,
I give myself the gift of solitude profound;
Its solitude that I need in order to be freed;
Freed of you …………………………………………….

             Image Source: pixshark.com

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