Thursday, July 21, 2011


P.S: again u can tell me if u think there is something that u can comprehend out of d picture :);)

Thought for the day: JUST BE!!! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


P.S : You can tell me if you can comprehend something out of the picture..

Thought for the day : A smile is a contagious keep smiling and hence keep spreading smiles.
:) :) ;) :) :) :D

Friday, July 15, 2011


In the star lit night
 I gaze up at the site;

Closing the translucent doors
of my eyes,
 Hallucinations start flowing
that are not so wise;

I see an utopian land
made of transparent white,
Up somewhere
overflowing with colorful light;

Enigmatic beams intersecting
bending towards height,
Reflections playing to form
 sea full of colors and bright ;

Walking down on me
to offer me a flight;

I hold a light
To climb up for a ride,
 Longingly watching
 The waves of various colors slide;

Blending playfully
with a fall and rise,
Shining and smiling
As  light falls on the floating dice;

I watch my shadow dance
To the tune of every glance,
Changing shapes
And adapting to balance;

 separating walls of silence surround
 yet a music plays sounding so profound;

this is a world that exists
only as long as the night persists………………


Thursday, July 14, 2011


Once in a while,..
When the skies are not clear;
I see myself juggling in there;
To find a meaning
In the clouds so queer;
I fly with the wind
but the pace Is little too much to bear;
I shut my eyes
and am tossed constantly upstair;
I see the birds flying
Wondering how serenely have they thrown their fear;
I jump and snap out of the wind
To fly on my own n cheer;
Suddenly to realize
 how heavy my burdens are to hang in there;
then the clouds
throw me back with their tears;
washing off another layer
to let the rainbow peer;
it is when
I open my eyes with a dream so dear!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

full faltu timepass!!

“Love should either be spectacular or should not be at all!” isn’t that amazingly true!!
Well Ranbeer Kapoor  said that line in one of the chat shows and I absolutely loved this line and although I was never a fan of him but after watching him on India’s Most Desirable , all I can say is he is really cute…awwww!!!!!!!  When will this spectacular thing happen to me!! Or rather should I say will it ever happen to me!! This reminds me of that sms “ Girl says  i<3 u and the guy txts her back that inequality is not defined in complex numbers”. And I quite resemble that guy I think..
Actually I am not finding anything to do and that’s why am just writing for the sake of writing …I am not feeling sleepy and I don’t have anything useful to a timepass just strikes me!!… I’ll play sort of game with myself…THE GAME GOES LIKE..
No.s  thought…….6,7,14,25,45
K so now paste the sms’s here….
6. Santa thought LOL means “lotz of luv”
So he sent it in the following txt 2 his gf..
Sorry to hear about ur mother’s death…..LOL ;-)..

7. A man asked a sculptor: how do u make such beautiful Idols from stone? He replied: Idols and images are already hidden dere…I Remove unwanted stone only…MORAL: Your happiness is Hidden within you..just remove your Worries…Gnyt :-)

14. B I R T H D A Y………….select one letter  from above n I’ll tell u Y u wer born? Jus giv a try…waiting for ur  reply…
(Shouldn’t I post the answers too!! )

25. TRAFFIC CAMERA: a grl was drivin whn she saw d flash of a traffic camera. She figured dat her picture had been taken for exceeding the limit even though she knew she was not speeding. Just to be sure , she went around the block n passed d same spot, driving evn more slowly, but again d camera flashed. Now she began to think this was quite funny, so she drove even slower as she passed the area once more, but the camera flashed again…later she got five challans for driving without a seat belt…GIRLS are GIRLS… gm :-)
(am getting little bored with this useless typing now :P bt still jst one more to go n its helping me to pass time atlst!!)

45. people say love brings flavor and taste to life……..
But Personally I believe 10 Rs. Panipuri does a better job!! :D

So I think now as it’s the end of the game ………….
Alright then gudnite my blog ……I’ll see u tomorrow :-)  

Sunday, July 3, 2011


I am here
Which I thought to be a neverland ,
Where I am seeing
As an outsider
From behind the clouds………..
Withholding my judgements
Withholding my thoughts
Withholding my mind
Withholding my participation
Withholding for I don’t know how long
May be till I get reborn
With the knowledge
Of the absolute
To  see the reason
in the ashes
 Flying around
Originating of the
 Treasons as they
Are named…….


 I wake up
In the next moment
By the sound of
Shattered glass of the clock
That just slid through the fingers
Ringing the alarm of the reality
And the practicality
That I had been late for the work…
image source: Google

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Click or a Trick!

Appalled by
The visions;
Caught by
 The Stillness of chaos;
Fumbled amidst
The tangled patterns
Ever so changing
 With a changing knot;
Forced to
Search the shadow
In the darkness;
And before a click
Lie the pieces
All around ;
Dismantled and staggered of
What once had been
The origin of thoughts.

Image source: Google