Wednesday, September 28, 2011

" I "

who are you to know me!
who are you to reach out!

try to catch me 
and the next moment 
i'll vanish

try to keep an eye on me 
and the next moment 
u'll realize
u are staring in the dark!

try to challenge me
and the next moment 
u'll realize
u r shouting to the empty skies!

try to getinto the mysteries
and the next moment
u'll realize 
u r in a trap leading to vileness!

try to feel the aura 
and the next moment 
u'll realize 
u r stuck in a sarcastic illusion!

who r u to know me!
who r u to reach out!

Monday, September 26, 2011

talking senseless! ;)

I want to be free!

But what is the thing that holds you, where are the chains?

There are! See with my eyes!

Tell me one thing …whose is the choice to remain in the chains?

Ok u want to trap me through your words!! Ok its mine but do I have another choice!!

Why would you think there is not!! Whose is dis life?

Ofcourse mine! But associated with me are expectations, love of the people who make you what you are, conventions, social obligations, and a thousand small and big things!

Do u think love puts restriction on anybody? Do you think there is anything greater than your happiness and bliss for those who love you? Do you think thinking about society and societal norms  are a thing to be thought of in the  path that you want to get into?

Which path do I want to get into? Which destiny I am looking forward to!!!!! I just don’t know!!! I DON’T KNOW!! Sometimes I feel so peaceful after saying I DON’T KNOW!! But I hate somebody else telling me dat u don’t know!

When will I know! When will I know what do I want from life!
When will I know the meaning of life!
When will I know how to draw the fine line between reality and illusions!
When will I know my purpose of landing into this enigmatic mirage!
When will I know whatever I am supposed to know or at least   whether am I supposed to know anything or not!
When will I know that is there actually something absolute in the world or is it just the matter of perception!
When will I know that whether I actually am after something or just a badly perplexed creature landed in the wrong place asking all the wrong questions!
When will I know whether is it all too simple inside the complex or there actually is no thing as complex!
When will  I reach the stage of I have started knowing a little bit from dis stage of I don’t know at all!

The day u start believing yourself! The day you start trusting your inner self! The day u stop looking for approvals for your opinions! The day you start loving unconditional! The day u start understanding that love is nothing but a higher form of existence where negativity does not find its roots! the day u discover the ocean of complacence and bliss free of tidal currents! The day u become a dogmatist!! ??? is it??????

Saturday, September 24, 2011


jump out of your comfort zone!

when u walk on a road multiple times u automatically become adapt at it

dont compare your life with others coz thiers is altogether a different 
journey, they might not need to know the things that you are supposed 
to know! 

patience is a virtue. remember to be patient when there is nothing u 
can do to set the things right.

done is done. forget it as a close chapter of your in 
d moment.

somethings just happen. there is no point being stuck in 
those moments.stagnant water will start giving a rotten smell but
flowing water remains fresh.

getup and set the path of your dreams! they are meant to be true if you
are ready to take just one first step that is required.

there are no mistakes just some lessons.

live completely. forget, forgive and don't regret a single thing in 
your life coz every single event in your life adds a new dimension to
your life.

listen to others but do as your heart says! don't let others opinions 
bother you as long as you know u landed here coz of ur heart.

there is no such thing as a bad decision. decisions can alwaz be 
proven right if u have zest to do so! n nywaz how can u say dat 
decision would have been better when u did not experience going 
on that path. 
any decision is right if the person taking it is right.

don't give a damn to the opinions that associate u with a slightest
amount of negativity.

life comes once. live it your way. 
 your life won't be counted as 
the sum of money u collected or the position and status that u achieved
its the sum of those small and big moments that u loved about ur life,
sum of those moments when u did what you wanted to do inspite of its 

is growth of a person only meausred in terms of materialistic things 
he achieves! might be true! true..
but for me i'll grow the day i start
understanding that there is no such thing as grievances, sadness, 
dissatisfaction,thinking twice, coz those are not an option
 for people who want to grow

there is so much to understand 
for me faith is a journey!
 life is an adventure trip where destiny is bliss! 
but often i take the wrong turns! and get lost! 
hoping that one day i'll realize
 that every turn leads to the same destiny n none is a wrong turn
only if dont forget the faith!

don't measure your life on the relative standards rather measure it on 
the absolute ones that u define for yourself!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jst like d@t :)

mere sang to chal zara
kyun dikhe dara dara !!!

i was listening to dis song when all of a sudden i started scribbling 
the following note! ;) 

 u don't need to worry
 about a thing..
coz m dere besides you to make u smile!

u can touch the skies
without leaving the ground..
coz m dere holding the staircase for u!

u don't need to be afraid 
of your innocence and your ignorance..
coz m dere to keep u safe!

u don't need to feel lost..
coz m dere to find you 
forever n alwaz!

u don't need to feel alone..
coz m dere to hold ur hand 
today, tomorrow n alwaz!

u don't need to think about the walls
that u have built..
coz m dere to break them 
to come n embrace you
today, tomorrow n alwaz!

u don't need to worry 
about a thing, luv!
coz m dere for u
today, tomorrow n forever..
n till the eternity..
u will be tha same for me, luv!
today,tomorrow n alwaz!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am in an elated mood! 
without any reason i am feeling a strange 
excitement.i am dreaming with open eyes and as if i am living my 
dreams so closely. This is just the effect of music in my ears. Music
is such a strange thing! It can sooth you, heal you, break you..
 it can 
make you smile,  make you jump, change your mood,
 can takeover your thoughts,
 can make you travel into territories that you may find 
inaccessible without the effect of it in your years!
u can shine like sunlight, u can fly like a bird,
walk on the edge of pavements,
 u can dive deep into the  oceans, 
adventure, thrill,
 high on the realms of love, desire, drunk , mad, crazy
u can reach out to the dormant corners of your mind..
u can reach out o your hidden desires..
u can reach out to your untapped energy..
u can reach out to the serenity that prevails inside you..
u can reach out to the immense love inside your heart.
u can reach out to the sensations 
that you have become so oblivious to..
u can reach out to the passions 
that are dying with the humdrum and monotony
u can reach out to yourself..
yourself that becomes inaccessible in the world of yours..
you can reach out to the music inside you
that is dying every moment in the lack of recognition.. 
you can reach out to a higher definition of you!!
you can touch the intangible, can speak the undecipherable
you can JUST FEEL THE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!

gudnite swtdrmz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

in luv with myself!

life is a bitch and so am i ;)
my blog has really become a depressing place. It gives an impression as if i am a depressed soul at least thats what people think. I am not a 24*7 depressed person man! Yeah i hold different views and i think a lot about small small things and only because i dont like to share my thoughts with everybody around i write them here. I love my blogger friends who always are there even if i write all the crap. But all of a sudden i have started feeling that i am loosing on my followers comments although that might just be my notion. And yes my about you posts they are evr increasing these days!! but thats not because m in love or i have ever been in love!! you know what i think movies and novels have spoiled my mind and i have a very high rather a very very very high expectation from love! i just can not tell u how much i wanna be in love :) but seriously i dont  think with such notions and high expectations about love i can ever find a person to fall in love with but still i am waiting! isn't love something that will just happen  when the person is right even if i have these false notions in my mind or am i creating a blockade in the way of love. But honestly speaking i don't think so!! Love should be spectacular as i had mentioned in one of my previous posts. So for a spectacular thing wait is always worth it. U know what when u buy a thing you know all the specifications what you want and not. Then Whats wrong in thinking all the specifications of a person whom you want for life!!!!!!! People thats just not being depressed... Thats being over obsessed about the person whom you want for life!! :) You might be thinking that whats wrong with me! But one of my friends told me that my blog suggests that i am depressed! But hell no!! i am moody, i get mood swings! i write crap , i write anything that comes to my mind and i write here because i dont like sharing my views with people who won't respect them. However stupid i may be i hate being told so! The loved ones and my precious friends can tell me so though ;) I hate rules, I hate conventions and yet i am caught in them and please don't ask me why!! And thats the onlt reason i write such posts where time and again i have mentioned about flying high or breaking the chains. At least if i cant do that in my real life I have all the rights to dream about flying. Does that suggest I am depressed. If my blog really suggests i am depressed please do let me know people. At least i would like to know honest opinions of people who read my blog. Only then i can improve after honest feedback from people who have always supported me and my stupid  and senseless and meaningless words!

these are some pics that reflect how my heart wants to stay always :

free, serene, busy with myself , walking on clouds, enjoy like a butterfly, oblivious of anything that goes around, free from negativity, fresh  as flowers, soothing like breeze n much more like dis :)
But i know am way away from being this kind of girl yet... WAY away!!! But whats wrong in dreaming! Dreams don't cost you anything and if those dreams keep us happy why creating boundaries like realist dreams and unrealistic dreams!!! to hell with such boundaries. There are enough boundaries in real life so dreams should just fly!! Thats why i never share my dreams with anybody because i am scared that people will give odd looks to me, they will tell me i dream impossible, i dream about things that i am incapable of achieving, thats why i keep certain things to myself only.Even my friends think that i am vulnerable! I don't say i am not  but inside i know i am strong. Inspite of all my weaknesses, mood swings, incapabilities, cribbing habit (My worst habit!! i get started and dont stop at all!!) I luv myself the way i am! because thats what makes me ME!

Have a great great sunday!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As the Breeze blows
Across my face….
I feel
My breath,
As if trying to
The fragments of air
That you have breathed;
I feel
With my eyes closed,
Searching for your aura
By means of my heart;
I feel
 the serenity,
as I’ll get in your arms;
I feel
The strength
As I’ll get in your companionship;
I feel
As I’ll feel after discovering you;
I feel
As I already have
That you will be perfect for me! J

Sunday, September 4, 2011


A silky smooth 
completely dark inside 
with no scope of light to enter...
such was the shell 
i resided in... 
it was a world
of my dreams
where i didn't know
 something as reality 
but time
left my dream house wretched
to let the light in
to perturb 
the peace of my dreams...
introduce me 
to a new world 
of reality...
wings i was granted
as i was kicked 
out of my shell...
but i didn't
know how to fly!!!