Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The mind is still
and the thunders shrill ;
 light is playing hide and seek
and the bemoaning are loud and shriek;
the wailing cries and the yelling sounds
A cataclysm taking over the mind all around;
The walls suddenly rising higher and the land sinking down
And a dark abyss is engulfing the virtues to lay a hypocritical crown;
Dissolving every bit of righteousness in the nerves;

Forcing the wretched into the unethical curves.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The flame extinguishing? ,
or taking a whole new course of existence?
The truth fading? ,
or reality reshaping itself to a whole new shape?
The hope dying?
or rekindling with a fresh vigour? 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Its lovely to see it raining…
The way rain washes and cleans everything revealing the brilliance of those hidden layers ;
Its  soothing … the tiny drops resting and hanging on the leaves , on the grass and on the glass panes;  the exuberance carried in the sounds of thunder and  falling drops with all the immensity ; the lovely ripples formed as those falling drops touch the stagnant waters ; the clouds floating in the vastness.  The waving trees with the refreshing cool breeze as if saying be receptive , rejoice and smilingly welcome every rhythm dat life brings forth.
I love watching the rain change its angles fleeting the umbrellas and the enchanting sounds of the splashes ...and as I stretch my hand to feel the droplets the thrill subsides everything leaving just a strange wish.. Wish dat would there have been a rain dat could penetrate my dermis and do all the magic inside..to clean my spirit, to freshen my aura , to shower the love ,to make me lighter and the tiny drops of the magical splash could spray happiness everywhere to give respite from tiredness, the showers dat instill faith and hope ; the magical pelting to wither away the staleness and nurture the  freshness so that each time I could feel reborn, fresh and brighter than ever…
I just love rain…!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

and the ways parted!

It’s a cold day and ananya has been walking the whole day. All those streets ,all those places which once they had walked together. Its getting dark and ananya is sitting on the bench in the park lonely and quite
I still love this place. Why!! This place was the one where we first exchanged a glance and how this place brought us close together and then this became the place where our ways were parted and our paths diverged never to converge. I wonder whether u ever had even come back here!! And see me , I am sitting here for the entire day just thinking about you and those moments  together.This day! how I wish dis day,I could change the history of this day. U walked away and never looked back. That look of estrangement in our eyes which was there while u left me leaves me all ruptured even today.
The day had a perfect start. We started with the temple. And then the drive in the silent woods with your favorite music playing and I had wished the day had never ended. Here was a different story , a girl was asking the guy for marriage.. Your hoarse voice I liked it so much and that voice became a shrieking cry into my years when u said no to my proposal. And then how I was pleading to you,” U always said that u loved me! Why are u not saying anything ? your silence is killing me..” how could u say that u loved me when you were not ready to get into the marriage ever. And even today I have not been able to figure you out completely. For a moment I thought that u were not serious but the intensity of your voice as it came bewildered me. Those voices still reverberate into my ears from all those times as u said ,”yes, I love u. but I don’t want to marry you, marry anyone. Is marriage the only fate of love? And if I refuse to marry  does dat disapprove the sincerity of ma love for u? “ and u just went silent as if waiting for me to speak . I was so damn shattered. I could not at all understand what was happening. The only thing I could think at that time was why you did this to me.  Why did u ever said that u love me when u did not want to marry me. Why you left me in such a state. And u just left without any words ..not even a word of comfort.. U never showed up again. Never even gave me a chance to talk to you again.
And inspite of that I am helplessly in love with you.  Even today I miss the tenderness of that soft touch with which you used to hold my hand. Your gentle voice with which u called my name. The unique sense of humor u had and how u used to turn the world upside down to make smile. I can’t help loving you. Sometimes I wonder dat did u ever even love me but a part of me knows that ur love was not a showoff, it was true, it was sincere but I think I could not understand you and your strange ideas. You were a different kind of person not like everyone else. Only if u had given me a chance I would have never let this happen. But u just disappeared. I needed time to understand you but perhaps u did not had faith in me. Time is travelling everything is changing but I am not able to change this one thing “my love for you ;eternity may die but my love for u can’t ever”  Hope to see you sometime in life. I will wait for that day ..
The darkness is taking over and today its all clouds that are showing in the sky hiding all the light ..
She’s still watching the lonely lanes and started walking back slowly ….

Saturday, July 3, 2010

u know!

m feeling like posting all crap today..so m starting with it.Ummm just now i was having a look on ma own blogger profile and i remembered yes you would call it insane but yes i did it. After watching the movie syrindipity (i like d movie very much ) i actually took a currency note wrote smthing on it and paid it smwhere to see whether it ever comes back to me!(yes pretty insane and crazy... )..AND u know i have'nt read newspaper for five days! Even though am not very regular at reading a newspaper but it feels good when i become regular on that and feels bad when routine is disturbed ...AND u know the first thing i read in a newspaper is the horoscope and really sometimes i feel like jumping to the future and just see everything dats in store for me (yes sounds like m obsessed with such silly stuff :P) AND u know very recently i just fell down in the market one of ma legs into the drain and i was sitting on the road thinking dat how come i fall (people staring :P) AND u know i enjoy doing nothing (kind of lazy i am :P) AND u know i don't get bored with maself even when i keep on boring the people around..AND actually u know i wish i were a little taller..N i know m writing all the insignificant things N actually am feeling kind of stupid to post all this crap (but i still go for it :P) and i think u know would be the title for the post ...And i think now i would  better sleep than to add on some more crap...