Tuesday, March 10, 2015

*For a lost friend*

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This one is for a friend who departed from this world a few days back in a car accident. Nothing could be sadder than losing such a soul which was one in a million. I know it will never be read. Yet I am writing it as a tribute to his departed soul.

We were classmates in our engineering and yet we never talked much in the course of those four years. It was only recently that we became more acquainted. Both of us were posted in the same department together and that is how we started talking.

Anybody who knew him would never differ with me on this. Of all the souls I have seen, his was one of the most genuine and pure. He was quiet and shy, but once got acquainted enough, will meet you so warmly and affectionately. I never heard him talking in a loud voice.

He was so full of talents; A footballer and such a nice painter. He was always there for his friends. His parents were blessed to have him as son. He was not a “generation next” kind of son. He shared almost everything with his mother. I don’t want to recall her face when I visited his place. It is too painful for them to deal with this loss. I don’t know how they must be braving it. Every time I think of his face, it seems so unreal that he is not anymore.

I would say I got lucky to know you before you left us all. I feel blessed that I encountered your soul in the journey of life. Though I would never be able to tell you this, but your friendship, of however small duration it may have been, was cherished and so it would always be.

May you always be blessed! Wherever you are, may your soul be at peace! May you radiate positivity and happiness wherever you stay, just like you always did.

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