Saturday, February 28, 2015

*The World of my Making!*

If one fine day I get up and realize that I have been given a chance to create a world of my own making, I would jump right out from the bed and create a world very much of the sorts described by the beautiful lines of the song:

“Jahan ho pyar ka mausam,
Jahan sab dilon ka ho sangam,
Jahan meethi ho logon ki zuban,
Mujhe aise nagar hai jana……”

Yes! That is the kind of world I dream about. The world full of love and only love!

Love will be the sole religion of my world. There will be no Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Jew.
There will only be humans with religion of love. Humanity and love will be above everything.

There will be no cast system in the world I design. People will not have any sir names.
People will be free to marry in any community, no caste bars, no language barriers and no religious obstacles. There will be no racism and no discrimination.

The Values and Morals will play the prime role. People will not only be educated, but aware also. The world of my making will not be money-minded. Morals and ethics will be so deeply imbibed in people that they would never have any temptation for malpractices to earn a few extra bucks. People will be sincere, honest and corruption would be considered sinister by them. The world of my making will be such that people will be contended if they could manage to get food, clothes and a house. There will no urgency in their minds to create heaps of wealth.

People will be more relaxed, easygoing, happy and cheerful in the world of my making. The use of technology will be regulated. People will spend more time in the company of real people. There will be gadgets, but their use will be limited to let people enjoy the outdoors. People will care more, breath more, smile more and worry less. There will be so much of love that no one will feel deprived, no one will feel left out and no one will feel depressed.

There will be no terrorism in the world of my making. There will be no bloodshed on the name of jihad. There will be no killings, no bomb blasts, no murders and no wars. Everyone will be peace loving. People will respect their fellow beings and their perspectives. The world of my making will be full of compassion, tolerance and free of ill will. People will be helpful, patient, understanding and loving.

There will be no deceptions in the world of my making. No man will deceive another. Friends will never become distant. Relationships will be forever.  Love will never exhaust and hate will never find a place in the world of my making.

Cleanliness will be the prerogative of each and every individual. Cleanliness not limited to clean home or clean surroundings or clean planet earth, but cleanliness of heart and soul as well. In the world of my making the rivers, the mountains, the planes, the sky and the hearts will all be benign, pure and clean.

There will be equality of genders. In the world of my making women will feel safe. Men will be responsible and mature. There shall be no nuisance and vulgarity. There shall be no rapes, no harassment and no molestations. In the world of my making, procreation will not be a burden on women alone. Men and Women would both have option to procreate. There will be harmony and no man or woman would want to have more than one kid. There shall be no bias and no feticides will ever happen. No fetus shall be dumped and no kid shall be abandoned.

There will be lesser socio-economic differences. In the world of my making, No one will be immensely rich, nor any one immensely poor. The people will be economically at par. No one will be treated lesser than the other.

In the world of my making, people will stand for each other and love each other. No one will indulge in petty scuffles. People will no longer be fearful or scared. They will only be courageous, righteous and conscientious. People will rejoice in the feeling of fraternity and an all encompassing unity.

There will be endless hope in the world of my making; a hope that will never die. People will be more forgiving and less revengeful. The service of mankind will be the highest service. The rewards for such service shall be not be monetary, rather shall be awarded in terms of mirth to those who play their role well.

There will be merriment all around. People will rejoice and party on the smallest of occasions. People will always sing and dance with joy in the world of my making. There will always be a reason to celebrate life.

In the world of my making, people will love more and live more.

In the world of my making, people will not expect a heaven after death. Rather they will create their heaven here on earth.

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