Saturday, October 29, 2011


"While clothes may not make a woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence------- which ,I believe, does make the woman."
Mary Kay Ashe

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."
Mark Twain

Helo Guys and Gals,

So tell me …………..

Are you a shopping freak?

Do you simply love fashion?

Are you a brandaholic ?  

Do you fancy about All the international brands at affordable prices?

Would you like to have all the fancied about international brands into your closet straight way from Europe and US without having to go searching for them in the malls and that too at cheaper prices?

If  answers to above questions were in the affirmative then Qvendo is a the perfect place for you to indulge.

 Qvendo is an online  private luxury shopping club which provides its members a hassle free shopping experience. It caters all the international brands to the Indians and that too at prices lower than the retail prices. The site gives an elite and classy look and if you visit the site for the first time you sure will like to go through it all!

Does not matter whether you are a gal or a guy, best designer deals are there for everyone even for the kids the stuff is available!!!

It includes brands like Armani, True Religion, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, Luis trenker, Joana danciu, pink poodle, replay and much much more.

Whats unique and nice about Qvendo? Well…

We get all the western brands at the member only prices. We have to pay less than equivalent Europeans – including duties and shipping! Does’nt that sound exciting! I love saving money while getting the best deals.
Door to door delivery service with a flat shipping fee of 900 Rupees to anywhere in India, that too in 4-10 days. I love the idea of online shopping for the fact that I don’t have to go out in search of stuff that I want and then eventually come back with some stuff altogether different from what I had imagined just for the lack of patience to checkout different places. What can be better than getting  all the biggest brands all at one place and that too just a click away!!

Worried about security of transaction??.........Don’t need to!!

QVENDO uses Wirecard AG, Germany’s leading international payment gateway, ensuring transactions are secure and confidential at all times

Want to have a close look at the products viewing all the critical angles?

Well I personally liked the zooming quality of QVENDO better than many other online shopping sites. Zooming is provided just at the perfect angles. You get that feel of seeing it just in front of your eyes with a fair look at the texture also.

Even one other plus point is that it comes with the size chart in the navigation page itself. So if you are not sure about your size you can always refer to the size chart before adding the item to your cart.
QVENDO is also offering 100% insurance incase of any damage to the product while delivery.

Another positive point about Qvendo is that unlikely most online shopping sites QVENDO is actually interacting with their customers through the QVENDO blog and magazine. It updates the members about the new upcoming brands in the most interesting way, not only that but also unique styling tips, Fashion events, and other interesting reads like interviews with fashion celebrities.It has its presence on facebook also.

So all in all it’s a fabulous deal with added style quotient at affordable prices. Just have a look at the site and you sure will love it.

Now its time for me to blog about what I would shop from QVENDO for Rs 50000!! (that’s the indivine topic put forth by QVENDO). Rs 50000!! Wow!!!! The idea itself enthralls me! Shopping is always a pure delight. So lets get going and check out  the stuff!!

This dress with its V shaped neckline appealed to me at the first sight itself. Simple and graceful and flows along the body so perfectly. The color is  pleasant one and the waist tie gives it all the more elegant and complete look. I just loved this one.

 The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.
Paris Hilton

So go define your own style by experimenting all the mix n match of your clothes and your accessories!!!

So the next thing in my list is…..
This one is simply sexy and classy. An addition of simple accessories will enhance the look further and anyways black is my all time favorite color. I wonder what shoes will go with it!! (mmmmmm…..)

Phewwww!! Again I laid my eyes on a dress! I love the round neck with stripes. Again simple and cute one.

Now obviously shopping cannot be complete without a pair of shoes. So here is the one that I select. The soft cherry colored heels. Will go well with the evening dresses and also with the casuals.

One more thing left before the shopping list ends! How can a girl forget a handbag!!
Well here I go for this small rose clutch which I liked at the very first sight!!

So this completes my shopping list of 50,000.

Hey ! all the guys out there ! you also check out the stuff because there are as many options for guys as well. Casual wear, formal wear, Accessories, Watches and what not!!

So what are you waiting for !!! Your best shopping experience is just a click away!!
 Go to the below link and get your membership of the blog.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


broken, smitten, crazy
in a trance...
losing herself to the windy nights...
dazing about in the mysteries that surround...
standing on the crossroads...
seeing the shining pearl far away...
yearning to go inside that pearl for resting there eternally...
till the sun rises and sets...
till the moon shines and stars twinkle..
strolling along the never ending seashore..
she breathes slowly, advances..
unless comes the whirlwind to thrash her, trap her..
pearl flowing away leaving her breath heavy...
she surrenders but the yearning never dies..
it fades, it loses its colors, but its alive...
she starts all over again following the light...
but the light is intermittent...
she needs the light of her soul...
she feels that has extinguished long back..
or may be it has never seen the light..
heading towards austerity, walking at her own pace..
towards the oblivion..
the ever existing void is taking its toll to an abysmal end..
or plain simple oblivion..
crossroads is the beginning to an end or an end in itself...
or the means to an end?