Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"The Web of Social Network"

Image Source: bluechameleon.animus3.com

It’s addictive. Isn’t it? Checking facebook every hour, snooping into what’s happening in other people’s life, updating whatsapp profile pictures every third day, indulging in chats which do not actually serve any purpose for your soul, all of this gets overwhelming sometimes. When I give a thought to it, I realize I don’t really have any connection to more than 50% of 450 so called facebook friends. Liking their posts, profile pictures, random updates about their life, does it really mean something? I mean will any of these people be there standing by me during the ups and downs of my life? Does anyone really care? And still it’s a compulsion for me to login to facebook and show my presence in the world of social networking. Sometimes, at the cost of those who are actually there physically and emotionally for me. It makes me a little uncomfortable to confess this, but this is true that I don’t have many people to talk to when it really comes to sharing my mind. For people like me who are kind of reticent, Social media and chatting are easier alternatives, but nothing can replace real chatting looking into each other’s eyes and observing the gestures. No conversation can be complete without a face to face element present in it. What is the point of typing 200 messages in a row on whatsapp when you know it might get awkward to talk in person to the person you are chatting to. Is it not akin to maintaining a superficial kind of relation. The world is changing and so is our definition of conversation. We can’t really opt out of showing up on Social media. We have to change with the changing world. But the limits should be defined. It should not get into your system and overpower you. It should not become an addiction.

For me taking a break helps. For the past few days, I was feeling kind of lonely and depressed. It was the consequence of passing too much of my time on whatsapp and internet for the past few months. I was spending too much of my time on one person and one app. When it ended, all of a sudden I really had nothing much to do. So, I am taking a break now and going home. I want to spend some time with my parents who might not understand everything that I have to say, but nonetheless they are the only ones who are always there despite of me being impossible sometimes. Sipping tea sitting in the balcony, staring at the trees, breathing fresh air , eating fresh fruits from the trees and taking a feel of the countryside; is how I plan to spend the next few days; away from the internet and together with the nature. There are certain feelings which can only be shared best with the nature; nature is what caters to my heart and my soul.  

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