Thursday, May 19, 2011

Being beautiful...

A thing of beauty is joy forever….

Selecting the most beautiful attire from the wardrobe , wearing the most costly makeup with a excellently practised poise in every move ….these acts will definitely  attract all the glances from around and will help to get recognition in a crowd but the definition of real beauty is way too far for me.
Beauty springs straight from the heart. A beautiful face glows not because of the plastic things put on it but this shine comes from the values that are instilled deep inside the heart and are reflecting in each breath to impart the beauty which is eternal. The real beauty is not a parasite of superficial rather it comes naturally without any material effort.
The purity and the innocence of a heart , no remnant of an evil thought and the confidence in the manner bring about a serenity in the face which makes it appear so naturally and effortlessly beautiful! 
Her beauty does not lie in her perfections but its her  imperfections which make her more beautiful.The first ray of sun falls on her face through the narrowest space of the curtains and she gets up almost so clumsily half asleep rubbing her eyes so innocently  that makes her appear all the more beautiful.
The way she takes care of everyone, and handles everything so perfectly be it playing with the plates in the  kitchen or the officeplay or playing around with the kids makes her beautiful.
Her beauty lies in the simplicity and the most simplest of the things she does with utmost simplicity. The innocent display of her emotions , the way she gets furious on you with an element of affection still visible on her face ,there is something in the wake of her manner that even her scolding can make you smile, the way she holds you to show her love for you make her beautiful. Her beauty lies in the simplicity of her thoughts and the nobility of her intentions.
Her beauty comes from the confidence in her manner. How she is sure of her each move, her each gesture, her movements swift yet accurate, the way she talks , the way she carries herself is what makes her beautiful.
The strength that she possesses with in her and the joy of giving that is associated with her in a manner absolutely natural makes her beautiful.  Delicate in appearance but the strength of her character and her goodwill leaves an impression of unadulterated joy on her face. Her beauty doesnot die with the hum drum of the day because the origin of this beauty is not some shallow plastics but it’s the most profound reason and that reason is her purity, her will to give herself to others service.
It’s the conviction of her manner that makes her beautiful leading her to the greatest heights with unprecedented ease and yet capable of making any sacrifice for the sole purpose of love. The way she can stand by you when the whole world turns against, the way she can become your support is what makes her beautiful.
a woman is a full circle – within her is the power to create and to nurture : danie mariechild
Every woman be it anyone, is beautiful in her own way but what remains common for each woman is
Her ability to love beyond measures, Her ability to care without expectation, the Purity and Simplicity of her heart, the Innocense in her manner and the ability to achieve without even slight boastfulness and the immense Power and Strength she has within her
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