Tuesday, March 31, 2015

*Walking on the edge!*

Image Source: www.gettyimages.com

She’s a girl walking on the edge,
She could tiptoe any moment,
Fall down into the rocky stretch;
But she’s not afraid,
She walks tall in the sun,
As well as shade;
She’s not afraid of the wind,
Swiping her away,
Like the falling leaves,
She just likes to sway;

They may keep shouting and howling,
To scare her,
And stop her strolling;
But she’s a girl walking on the edge;
She won’t be afraid,
Coz her foundation of faith
Is strongly laid;
She knows love,
And she knows faith,
Of these two things alone,
 She has been maketh;

She’s a girl walking on the edge,

She isn't a part of any race,
She enjoys walking on her own pace;
They may say it’s not safe,
That she may fall down,
But she knows she’s protected,
Wearing faith as her crown;
She’s a girl walking on the edge,
They look at her and wonder,
How could she be smiling and somber;

She’s a girl walking on the edge,

She knows love,
And she knows faith,
Of these two things alone,
 She has been maketh;

She’s a girl walking on the edge……

Friday, March 27, 2015

A word with myself!

Image Source- www.welovestyles.com

Nothing and no one in the world should take away your peace of mind from you. Material possessions and ambitions hold lesser importance when it comes to the peace of  mind.

It is the inner peace, the inner happiness which is prime.

Your aspirations and ambitions should never deviate you from the path of love. It is love alone which can carry you through in life, after life and beyond life.

Love is the fabric of which the universe is woven of. Love can only go with you till eternity.

While chasing your dreams, don’t leave love behind. Don’t forget love and don’t give way to shallow feelings of disappointment and disgruntle.

Don’t ever let the love die and never for the things which are ephemeral compared to eternal and infinite love.

Don’t give way to chaos, Live in the flow of love, let love only define you, let love only possess you, let love alone be your destiny and your path, live to love.

With love alone, everything can become possible. To have love, infinite love is the only inexhaustible treasure.

So,…… live to love!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

#! Singaporean Delight !#

“Food, in the end, in our own tradition, is something holy. It's not about nutrients and calories. It's about sharing. It's about honesty. It's about identity”     
 -          Louise fresco

Singaporean Cuisine is one such example of tradition. The food has a tinge of all the many cultures; Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thailand and Middle East.  So in terms of food, it is definitely YOUR SINGAPORE serving you the very native SINGAPORE FOOD with the sprinkling of globalization on the top of your SINGAPORE takeaway.

“Nobody in Singapore drinks Singapore Slings. It's one of the first things you find out there. What you do in Singapore is eat. It's a really food-crazy culture, where all of this great food is available in a kind of hawker-stand environment.”
-         Anthony Bourdain

Here are my quick snacky  favorites from the Singaporean cuisine-

HAM CHIM PENG is a kind of fried bread that looks like donuts. It is ideal for savoring while long chat sessions of the evening, with tea or coffee. It also makes a good breakfast and is available with street vendors or local market hawkers.

Image Source- www.thehungrycow.com

PISANG GORENG  is an interesting  snack food . Fit for eating as morning or evening snack, it is easy and quick to make. Banana is dipped in the batter and then deep fried and yummy Pisang Goreng is ready. It is available with street vendors and also in the up-scale restaurants with the extra addition of their innovation.

Image Source-www. ifood.tv

KAYA TOAST is another mouth watering snack of Singapore. It can be found in the menu of Restaurants and cafés either as breakfast or snacks. Devouring on the crispy toasted bread coated with kaya (Made of coconut milk, sugar and egg) is so close to feeling heaven.

Image Source- www.latimesblogs.latimes

NASI GORENG is a kind of fried rice. However,  it is spicier and crispier than the Chinese fried rice. In 2011 an online poll by 35,000 people held by CNN International chose NASI GORENG as the number two of their 'World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods' list. A concoction of stir fried rice, vegetables, garlic, chili and sauces. Additionally it may be topped with fried egg.

Image Source- blog.aseankorea.org

 LONTONG is a kind of rice roll cooked inside banana leaves. The rice rolls are cut into pieces and served with vegetable stew topped with sambal and toasted coconut.

Image Source- youtube.com

ROTI PRATA is very similar to Indian parathas with a slight twist. There are huge varieties of flavors available in roti prata and are perfect for snacking.

Image Source- passionbaker.blogspot.com

So, when its Singaporean food being served, there is no thinking, there is only eating!


See, Smell, Eat and Feel… With Singaporean Food there is no stopping!


Saturday, March 21, 2015

*Happiness is within!*

What does it take to be happy? Some special talent? Some special achievement? Some training or workshop?

Well nothing of such sort right!!

Happiness is such a simple thing. Yet it becomes so complicated to have it sometimes. Laughter and happiness do not come with a hefty fee. Smiles are not only free but contagious also. Being happy and smiling will spread the smiles everywhere we go.

image source- www.picpulp.com

When happiness is such a simple thing, why do we make it so difficult? We wait for some big things to happen so that these would give us happiness. But we forget that the happiness consists in the smallest of things. We want some larger than life things to happen, so that we would become immensely happy. We set targets and tell ourselves that we would be happy when we get this or when we get that. We wish for a long list of things to make us happy. When things are not working out the way we want them to, we become sad, agitated and angry. We want things to happen our way. We want to control the events of life. And when it does not happen, we feel irritated. Our happiness gets lost in the labyrinth of life.

image source- www.inspirationalquoteslog.com

We time and again forget this fact that happiness is inside us. It is not to be found outside. If we feel happy from inside, there can be no stopping us. Whatever may come, even in our toughest moments, we could still be happy. We could chose between laughing it off or making a fuss about it. It is no less than an art to be happy all the time. Once we master this art, we would have conquered the world in real sense.

image source- spoki.tvnet.lv

For me ; Happiness is in;
Looking at the starry nights,
Basking in the sun,
Watching the sunset,
Talking to a friend after a long time,
Strolling on the streets idle,
Shopping the smallest things;

For me; Happiness is when;
I see a river flowing,
A flower growing,
And the sky snowing;

For me; Happiness is;
In the music,
In the words,
In the silences,
In the expressions;

For me; Happiness is;
In the wait,
In seeing the unfolding of my fate;

It is in the tiny dew drops,
in the sparkling of the river water with the touch of sun,
in the shyness of touch me not,
in the boldness of thorny cactus,
in the moon lit night,
in the romance of starry sight……

image source- quoteshunter.com

It would not be wrong if we say that ‘Happiness is a decision’.

Celebration of happiness could be in every minute. We don’t need a reason to be happy. But we sure need happiness to be reasonable. There is no need to hunt for happiness, no brain-storming sessions are required to search for happiness, it rests within us, deep in our hearts, just there to be recognized, to be cherished, to be owned and loved. Happiness is within us…….

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Friday, March 20, 2015

#1000Speak - And she learnt to raise a voice!

Constantly suppressed by husband,
Pestered every minute by in-laws,
She spent many sleepless nights,
Tortured by her life,
Every minute she had to strive;
She had learnt to oblige all,
Not uttering a word foul;
What she had forgotten to learn,
Was to raise a voice for her own;
The days passed by,
The months passed by,
And the years passed by;
She kept quiet and obliged,
“Patience is a virtue”
With this thought she had been apprised;
But all the bullying of the years,
Taught her a lesson not told by her peers;
She analysed, she realized,
She learnt another virtue,
Of raising her voice for her rights,
Of standing upto the fight,
Of expressing herself,
And giving a befitting reply
With all her might.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

*Together with Family!*

If someone has read Revolution 2020, Chetan Bhagat has very beautifully and accurately described the Agony of mediocre Rankers. The drop years are definitely not very easy ones.

Though in my story of drop, there never were such moments when I felt tempted to the comforts. Once in a while the luxury of cozy bed was definitely welcome but most of the times I was determined. I was clear in my head that I might not be a brilliant student with a very sharp intellect but still I was hard working. Hard work had always been my strength and so I had to study as hard as I could.

Getting up at 6 in the morning and attending hectic classes had become a routine and I had got quite accustomed to it. Coming back by lunchtime, I used to have an hour’s rest. After that the daily dose of learning lessons, revising class notes and solving questions would start. It would go on mostly with short 5 min breaks in between. It would continue upto tea time. Tea time was a welcome break. After some refreshment, again the same schedule would repeat, of practicing questions, of going through notes till dinner time would come.

Life was set in such monotonous and busy routine. Day after day, the D-day would approach near. And with that the anxiety would also double.

Time just flies. Soon the D-day had finally arrived.

Whatever effort you might have put in the entire year, nobody would see your effort. It is only what you do in those 3 hours duration, would carry weight. Nobody would talk about your efforts but they would definitely talk about your results.

As I came out of the hall, I knew I had messed up. The test had not gone well. And there was no point in citing any excuses also. It had been bad and the story ended here itself. I could not entertain any what’s and why’s.

I was into tears when I came out of the hall. Sitting in the bus to head back to the hostel, I was all teary eyed. It was a feeling of my whole world just collapsing. I could not think through anything. I could not call home and could not even return their calls.
My friends told me to go home for a change. The next day, I boarded the very first bus to home.

When I reached home, my parents did not once ask me anything about the test. They expressed concern over my health. I was served food specially made for me. And even when I started to talk about the test, they just silenced me and told me that such things also happen sometimes. They said some wise things and told me to take it easy. I can’t express how much relieved I felt. The day before I was struggling to find some meaning in my existence, I was cursing myself. But being at home changed my feelings entirely. Whoever and whatever I was, I was still important for my family. I didn’t talk much, but it was the feeling of being together that gave me strength to move on.

The next few days I spent at home doing nothing, no books to study and no test to think about. I just watched TV, sat in leisure, ate a lot. I just stayed, stayed together with my family.

It’s the power of togetherness, the power of family that re-instilled my faith in myself.

It is this unique and special power of togetherness of the family that I always look upto.

If you would like to celebrate this feeling of being together,  https://housing.com is the place to look upto!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

*For a lost friend*

Image source:  www.proprofs.com

This one is for a friend who departed from this world a few days back in a car accident. Nothing could be sadder than losing such a soul which was one in a million. I know it will never be read. Yet I am writing it as a tribute to his departed soul.

We were classmates in our engineering and yet we never talked much in the course of those four years. It was only recently that we became more acquainted. Both of us were posted in the same department together and that is how we started talking.

Anybody who knew him would never differ with me on this. Of all the souls I have seen, his was one of the most genuine and pure. He was quiet and shy, but once got acquainted enough, will meet you so warmly and affectionately. I never heard him talking in a loud voice.

He was so full of talents; A footballer and such a nice painter. He was always there for his friends. His parents were blessed to have him as son. He was not a “generation next” kind of son. He shared almost everything with his mother. I don’t want to recall her face when I visited his place. It is too painful for them to deal with this loss. I don’t know how they must be braving it. Every time I think of his face, it seems so unreal that he is not anymore.

I would say I got lucky to know you before you left us all. I feel blessed that I encountered your soul in the journey of life. Though I would never be able to tell you this, but your friendship, of however small duration it may have been, was cherished and so it would always be.

May you always be blessed! Wherever you are, may your soul be at peace! May you radiate positivity and happiness wherever you stay, just like you always did.