Tuesday, March 10, 2015

* A new Phase- A new Life!*

Life changes every moment. Sometimes the changes are those which are hoped for, while sometimes completely unhoped for. But every change defines us in a new way. We undergo a constant metamorphosis in life and it is the result of this metamorphosis that we always keep redefining ourselves.


This is a story of one such metamorphosis; the story of a new phase of life.

It was the very first day of my job life; my first joining. I had a whole lot of expectations from a new job, from a new life. It was all butterflies in the stomach when I left for office. I was the only one to join that company from my college. Entering into the joining room, I fell so nervous and excited all at the same time. People who were from same college were sitting in groups. I went and sat in a corner just next to a girl who was also sitting alone. Anyways, I was looking forward to the day.

Soon we were joined by the Vice President of the company. He was the same person who had interviewed me. He started the formal introduction round. To my surprise when it was my turn to introduce myself, he actually remembered my name. It made me delighted and I felt less out of place. After the introduction he made us shuffle our seats and sit in such a way that no one would sit next to the person he already knows. Now that was a nice exercise. The new seating arrangement made us know some new faces.

We had a seven days induction program to make us familiar about the Company’s background, and working. The day started with the management people coming in slots and introducing themselves, briefing about the working of offices pertaining to them and some chat sessions. There were some psychological sessions too and this is where we got the maximum chance to interact with each other.

This was the beginning of a new life or say a new era of my life.

Sitting in that room, getting to hear from so many professionals, the interaction with the management, it was all just so new and so exciting too. That is when I realized that I am finally grown up. All alone by myself, away from parents, away from friends, I had officially entered into that so called professional life.

We had a staying arrangement for seven days of the induction program. We were all together in the same hotel. So, those seven days were really nice with a lot of company and hustle- bustle around. I enjoyed the luxurious stay, which was my first some thousands of kms away from home with all the new people I had just met.

Soon, we had to vacate the place. So we were all trying to look for places to stay; a place where a new life of mine would spring forth, a life full of dreams, a life with a lot of new people.  

A life where I had to leave my home behind and yet a life where a new home was to be found surrounded with all the new people, new hopes and new life.


Much happened after that. I switched job, I left job and I shifted my core domain of working. People came coming in and going by. But the feeling of home always stayed. I kept changing my places of stay but every place I stayed at got etched into my memory forever,  creating that feeling of home attached with that place.

I can only conclude the events of my professional life with the beautiful lines of the song which go like:

Oh, some pages turned,
Some bridges burned,
But there were lessons learned,
Lessons learned.

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  1. Life changes every moment - Yes, very true. Its all about how we are managing the changes for success...