Tuesday, April 20, 2010

He'$ gone but love $t@ys

I treasure within myself those moments so perfect, the moments so divine. The innocence of those eyes still beholds me and governs my existence……and along with that is the feeling of remorse and guilt. And then I assure myself that destiny is inevitable.
Two entirely poles apart perspectives came across while on their ways’
A short time it took for these perspectives to mingle,
N mingle too in manner so religious,
Like two peas in a pod.
It all initiated with a curiosity, an urge to discover and to reveal the sense of mystery that they could smell around each other. And ….it just happened. Most beautiful, most enchanting and most unique and a magical experience not just for a lifetime, but till the time my soul is alive. Those eyes had an innocence so ignorant of the evils of outside world, those eyes made me carried away, lost...i could see the immensity of horizon in those innocent eyes. Days passed by and the things became more beautiful. If I say he became a mirror to ma existence it would not be true because a mirror is limited to the exterior of a person, nor I would say he became my shadow that also disappears in the dark. Rather I would say he was just like the air surrounding me everywhere, unheard, unseen, but I could and I still can breathe his presence in the each moment of my life…………..But the difference is today it’s just the air and the memories that have stayed. Destiny exhibits its power sometimes in strange ways. And makes us helpless .that fateful day it all happened, when I compelled him to let me drive the car. I lost the Control and it struck the tree ahead and things changed forever. How could destiny do this, I killed him! And he was engulfed into the arms of death forever… n no remorse could ever bring him back

P.S:its imaginative. So plz dont infer that i actually killed someone :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Retorts or something from the night sky..

Sitting back in the starry nights
Amidst those shining silent chaps
Which in their silence behold many answers…..
Their silence is in complete resonance with mine,
But the entropy of my thoughts is rising higher,
All randomized and scrambled contemplations…
These thoughts dashing against each other and
Striving, knocking down the mind into shades of grey.
Some shattered, some erecting, some happy, some unhappy, some harsh, some soft,
Some lively, some dying, some constructive, some destructive, some ambiguous, some lucid,
Some compelling, full of zest, and ample;
Some incomprehensible, forcing to relinquish the delicate threads of complexities of life.
And then the battle going on in is taken over by the one pattern of thoughts……
Confessions preferred over guilt,
Peace preferred over agitation,
Forgiveness preferred over grievances,
Endearment preferred over ego,
Acceptance preferred over expectations,
Forthrightness preferred over hypocrisy,
Introspection preferred over vigilance,
Own vision preferred over lending an insight,
Freedom preferred over repression,
Growing with each moment preferred over being stuck in the moment……………….
And the entropy of thoughts then matches with that of the free air soothing the heart from inside….
And leaves the countenance with a gentle smile.