Sunday, September 9, 2012

A night's Dream

In the vastness of ocean, she did not jump in by choice,rather was forced to dive...
swimming across with closed eyes, and no desire of catching some pleasant sites...
Little did she know whether was it a dream or a reality when she got caught in a strange place,
with vertical walls all around, as if the ocean suddenly shrunk down to a deep narrow cavity,
trying to stretch a little, she found that she could not move, she could only go down, deep down into the cavity.Moving down was not her choice, the flow of the water was forcing her down. She closed her eyes, without resisting, she gave in to the abyss.

After an endless wait, the cavity ended and she found the ocean again.She welcomed that sight and this time not with the closed eyes.The ocean welcomed her too offering an absolute bliss that had been so difficult for her to find.

and suddenly she opened her eyes....
It was a strange dream.