Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

the silence is broken!

No more caste systems ,Sir names completely abolished,A world which is not called man's world  where chivalry would undo male chauvinism completely and entirely, there are no female feticides, A world where racism has come to an end , where religion is spirituality and the basis of existence is humanity, where people live in compete harmony, A world where weapons are replaced by the garlands to greet everyone with a warm heart, where the wars have lost their existence, n there is a peaceful coexistence , no more terror, no more honor killings, no more crimes ,no more corruption, secularism in true sense, independence in true sense, no vulnerbility in characters, no double crossings................................
everything perfect, everything at place, headstrong characters, dynamic youth, honesty and integrity first choice,sense of responsibility, morality above the crisp currency, cooperation and working mutually for common benefits, rising together, developing in all horizons, expanding and taking roots as strong n genuine individuals and striving for perfection................
this kind of world i see in my dreams . then i wake up and i realize what i am contributing ?
and there is nothing beyond this question mark that i am contributing. I have only posed questions the unanswered questions which i expect somebody to answer and that somebody who it should be ?am i not too oblivious?
and dat is when i realize what it needs...it needs the silence of my conscience to be broken. when the conscience will speak the deeds will follow. i think i need to wakeup from that deep slumber that i am resting in to realize that the silence is broken
p.s: This is a 10DOM Magpie Tale under the muse the silence lies broken.