Monday, April 16, 2012

of I and I alone

The thoughts are wandering far in the ocean rising and falling with the waves in pursuit of frequency with which to resonate…

They say its impossible to get the patterns out of chaos,
 yet the mind keeps on discerning in a hope to discover ,
with alter ego warning constantly that the chaos is intentional, deliberately raised for the sake of swollen ego…

The resurrection of wholesome is not possible out of what is nothing but smithereens of a fragmented intellect…

For the sake of I only, I had lived, But this I only got lost somewhere in the process
 or rather should I say
 now only It dawned upon I that I never was Found. 
No more I seems a reality. And I questions itself of its existence.
I has lost the sense of being,
yet the I exists.
The material manifestation of I remains.
I is much more than just the material manifestation of I or is this notion alone a trap culminating into a never ending chain of illusions?

The thoughts seeking a refuge from the whirls in the sea, groping to find a single piece of ground to which to stick…

The boundaries of tangible and intangible are diluting calling for the rational faculties to shift from the empty hypothesis to an established fact.

It may lead to transcendence of thoughts, of dreams, of realities, of values, of perceptions, of self,
nevertheless journey will continue to reach the ultimate end because that alone is the reason, that alone is the destiny.