Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Not every Good thing is easy to Come by!

Image Source: youtube.com

Pride makes the egotistical man, consciously or unconsciously, try to cut off the heads of others to make himself appear taller. It likes to belittle or humiliate others, to gloat on their mistakes and discomfitures and to gossip and criticize. But woe unto any person, even well meaning, who intrudes into ego’s own sanctum sanctorum. He is met with instant wrath, vengefulness or at the very best, a “you should feel ashamed for hurting my feelings.”

I happened to read the above lines in Bhagwad Gita and I was instantly overwhelmed by the reality of it. It is the pride which comes in the way of forgiveness.

“you should feel ashamed for hurting my feelings”. Isn’t it something that we use to validate our anger and the bitter feelings we harbor for whatsoever reasons? Even when we forgive, sometimes, we do not forget. Pride, Ego, Hurt; these are but powerful enemies, and while we are blinded to the enemy residing within our own selves; we, sometimes, or may be most of the times, are unable to see the greener pastures in the wetland of our mind’s making. It is not for someone else that we need to forgive, but for our own selves. Forgive and then forget. It sure is not easy. It sure takes a lot of inner strength. But it is important for our growth as a soul. And only after trying can we reach that goal.