Wednesday, March 4, 2015

*lookup to the silent corner of my room!*

We all are vulnerable in some way or the other. But the girl I am talking about here is me. I don’t know why god made me over-sensitive and over-thoughtful. And it is perhaps the reason that I am too vulnerable to all the opinions surrounding me. Because of my over-sensitive nature, I end up hurting myself sometimes. Though I can’t say always, but most of the times, I never try to find faults with people, rather I start cursing myself or finding faults with my ownself. And eventually it’s me only who gets hurt!

But as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining. After every bad day, every heartbreak, there is hope too!

When I am upset about something, there is one place I always look up to. That place is the silent corner of my room where stays my diary on the table top. Here is where the solutions to my confusions lie. Words are my greatest hope, my loveliest treasure and the comfort of my room helps me connect with those words. If I say I love words; that is going to be an understatement. I don’t love words; I am rather addicted to them.

Sitting in that silent corner of my room, when I hold the pen in my hands and put it on the empty page of my diary, I forget almost everything else. I get lost in the world of words. I grow with the words and fall with them. But words never fail me. They fill me with a glowing light of optimism and hope. Words impart me clarity of thoughts. It’s through words that I discover the art of living and that of loving. I feel them almost coming alive. They remind me that flaws are integral to human nature. They remind me to cherish myself the way I am.

These words have a life of their own. And when I hold the pen in my hands, I become a part of that life. I live through these words and these words live through me. They remind me of the infinite power I have. The power of imagination, the power of positivity, the power of hope and the power of love and the power of optimism.

I am grateful to this small corner of my room where these words dwell inside my diary day and night and keep me hopeful of a future which is going to be as much bright as the shining stars in the sky.

I am grateful to this small corner of my room where these words sing and dance all day and night and keep me blissful through storm and tide.

I am grateful to this small corner of my room where these words reflect so much of light all day and night and keep me introspecting only with a smile.

This post is written for IndiHappyHours # Lookup Stories

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