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Indivine# Battling Pimples & Acne - My Story

 Pimples are something every girl suffers from at some or the other time in their life.
Now if you ask me to define Pimples I would say it’s that horrid red colored monster which once grows on your skin would not let you live peacefully and would make every effort to multiply itself to all your irritation.
However the face is the sufferer here, but the mirror definitely is at an advantage! You can’t help looking at your face over and over again and only if you could make it disappear with a magical spell, you could have the satisfaction of getting rid of that hideous thing which is lurking on the side of your cheeks or chin or forehead, probably mocking at you and rejoicing at its successful rooting into your skin!
Repercussions are still worse when they start effecting your confidence. Parties and Social gatherings are a big No! And if going out is inevitable, you have to do such efforts to make these breakouts less visible if not invisible. Try covering it under your hair, or try covering your face with hanky every now and then, or even worse just keep looking down. Such trouble it is to save yourself from the uninvited disgrace!
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Beloved photo-shoots have to be compromised. You can’t help but sit in a corner when everybody else is posing and clicking. How extremely annoying it is to see everyone around you clicking happy selfies and poor you just sitting back!
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Still more pitiful to yourself are those advices that keep pouring on a mere glance at your face. “What happened to your face! How come you got all those BIG, RED pimples on your face? Don’t you drink enough water? Sure, you don’t.” “You poor gal! you have completely spoilt your face!” At such a reaction as this you sometimes really start wondering if these people are actually mistaken that you yourself have done this hideous thing to your poor face! Such concerns even if genuine can sometimes irritate a hell out of you. Instead of being treated as a victim, you are rather made to feel like a culprit. What can be worse, seriously, one thing you have to battle your sinking self esteem and another you have to deal with reactions like these. Only if these people could have been more considerate in their choice of words, their genuine concerns could have been entertained with a better spirit!
Mission Pimples therefore is not an easy one to be sure. These red horrid things invite a lot of attention and detailed followup. You have to setup a whole action plan without being sure how long it is going to take and Whether or not it’s going to work.
So here are a few action items.
Drink water. And that is an evergreen, golden rule for every skin related trouble.
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If you can bring yourself to it, drink Neem water. It purifies the blood and though slow but is effective in the long run.
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Safi is another alternative if you can’t tolerate the taste of Neem water.
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Apply Neem face pack. Applying fruit pulp on the face is also good for skin.
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Banana combined with honey face pack also helps in reducing acne since Banana has antibacterial properties.
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One very important point is never touch or squeeze the pimples. Doing so may lead to permanent scars on the face.
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Exercise. It helps open the pores and helps in dealing with pimples and acne.
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Avoid oily food. Keep your stomach healthy. Eat salads and fruits.
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Use such face wash which suits your skin and once identified don’t experiment too much.
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In spite of all the actions taken on your part, if these horrid things do not leave you, then for such stubborn breakouts, Doctor’s advice is perhaps a better solution.
On a concluding note,
Though pimples and acne are a real trouble for every lady, don’t let them take away your self esteem. Be confident.
Resolve to deal with these and these sooner or later will have to vanish. Just be all out on the mission Pimples & Acne just as I am ;)
The following sites will sure help in Combating the Mission Acne.
So do visit and find out more tips and tricks for a healthy, glowing, pimple free skin.
This post is written for Indivine#  Garnier pure active Neem contest.

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