Sunday, January 4, 2015

Indispire# Good Girls!!

Why do we even need to talk about what good girls mean! Why stereotype a certain type of image for good girls!!
Every girl is a girl next door and every girl is still unique in her own way.
The conformists and the non conformist rebellions;
The ones who chose to be independent in their thoughts and the ones who like to follow the conventional thought process,
The ones who spend hours together in front of the mirror to look beautiful and the ones who don’t give the slightest attention to their looks;
 The ones who are geeky sorts and can beat guys in logic by all means and the ones who just do not enjoy logic and are rather more laidback;
 The ones who like to drink and smoke and the ones who fit into the non drinking non smoking type image;
 The ones who like to flirt and are not afraid of expressing their sexuality and the ones who fit into the coy image;
The ones who are outspoken and bold and the ones who are shy and dainty sorts,
The ones who are privileged to be educated and the ones who in spite of their desire are deprived of education;
The ones who are good at cooking and home affairs and the ones who don’t really enjoy the daily cores;
The ones who are gifted with beautiful faces and bodies, and the ones with not so beautiful face;
The ones who are expressive and the ones who lack in expression;
All of them, every one of them is a good girl. For the goodness depends on the heart and soul of a person.
 The definition of good is same as applies everywhere else and has no special definition meant only for girls.
Every girl is special. Every girl has her own qualities. Good and bad is a part of nature of every human being than why talk particularly in context of girls only!! We may talk about a good person and a bad person but why particularly label girls as good girls and bad girls…
This post is written for Indispire#

Define good girls... Everybody has an opinion about a good whats yours? #GoodGirls

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  1. True, there are so many such stereotyped notions that need to change...society I feel is too harsh with their expectations and all of us make up that society..hoping to bring about some change in my own way :)