Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Indispire# Solitude!

When my mind is unperturbed,
free of noises all around,
free of my own beleaguered voice,
and just the peace surround,

Image Source: stringsofsoulfulness.com

 lets me think
Without racing thoughts,
Adds perseverance to my hasty lot;
Solitude …
Revives the energy of my soul,
And helps me reach a meaningful whole,
It imparts clarity to my hazy visions,
Which otherwise change like seasons;

Image Source: dreamstime.com

Solitude ….
Gives me the much needed stability,
Stick to my own stands,
And believe in my capability;
Solitude …
Relieves me of the stress,
That could turn me into a mess,
With too many opinions pushed into my psyche,
Forcing my rationality to take a hike;
Solitude …
Lets me think through,
Through those dilemmas,
Which sometimes appall my vision,
With all the absurd reason;
Image Source: thenervousbreakdown.com

Solitude …
Lets me kiss the silence,
Ridding me of the parlance;
Bringing me the much needed
the noisy day,
the insane crowds,
the speeding thoughts,
the loud encounters,
it’s the
that gives my soul the gift of silence,
the much cherished silence,
The solitude,
The silence,
United with my soul,
Make me complete,
Make me feel at home…
Image Source: scintilla-existence.blogspot.com

As the night sets in,
Solitude is called for,
Its sought night after night,
Divine is its light;
In solitude,
My soul feels whole,
It feels aware
Of itself and its being,
Completely free,
And full of peace and blessing

This post is written for Indispire#  

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