Wednesday, January 21, 2015

IndiHappy Hours# I am - The Great Indian Litter Bug

I am the half Intellectual..
Send me to USA,
Send me to germany,
I would do part timing,
What if it’s the work of a waiter?
What if I have to pick up a few soiled plates?
But come on,
When it’s my India, my own country,
Why should I care to pick up my own trash,
Wait till finding a dustbin..
Isn’t India dirty already?
Don’t forget
I am the half intellectual
For me such things
matter nothing…
I am the empty-headed educated,
Oh! I am so smart,
I don’t often see dustbins on the road,
But I do dispose off my garbage,
Anywhere I see the heaps of garbage collected,
I throw them on the roadsides.
Into the rivers,
Forget not,
I am the empty-headed Educated,
Education couldn’t fill
Some common sense
Into my empty head,
Yes, I am the empty headed Educated…
I am the reckless chauvinist,
I have by hearted this Dialogue,
From my favorite movie Pyar ka Punchnama
“Launde sher hote hai Babbar sher. Aur babbar sher kabhi toilet mein mootte hain kya? wo muute hai khuli hawa mein . Nile asman k niche. Himmat hai to rokke.”
          This is the kind of moral learning,
I never delay to absorb into my psyche,
Now I abide by it,
Always so religiously,
That I don’t care even about
 the warnings put up,
Oh yes!
I am the proud reckless chauvinist ….
I am the vulgar philosopher and adviser,
I have opinion about everything,
I can advise almost anyone,
I can find faults with system,
With government,
With surroundings,
Infact I love to idealize and advise,
But I like to talk only,
I don’t believe in actions,
Oh yes!
I am the vulgar Philosopher and adviser…
I am the poor common man,
I see around myself,
I see much to my disliking,
But forget not,
I am just the poor common man,
Expect nothing of me,
For I work too hard,
To make my ends meet,
I have always compromised,
Litter that I see around isn’t hard to put up with,
I can contribute too,
For I have the habit of following,
Whatever I see around,
Oh yes!
I am the poor common man…
I am the vain orator,
I talk to make people aware,
I come forward to make lengthy speeches,
But don’t be mistaken that I do that all round the year,
I talk for securing my vote-bank,
I talk but never comply,
Oh yes!
I am the vain Orator…
I am the market saver,
Yes! I do save the Gutkha maket,
I chew Pan, supari, gutkha,
I chew it,
And then I throw it,
Every place possible,
None of the places should be spared,
It’s the prestigious stamp of the market saver,
Oh yes! Don’t forget my role is
Of utmost importance,
I am the market saver…
This post is written for Indi- Happy hours…The Great Indian Litter Bug.
Ever seen The Great Indian Litterbug in action? Paan stained art in one corner and an overflowing bin in the next, Litterbugs are all around. Visit the site below and Send photos & cartoons on this Great Indian Litterbug problem to win! For details visit…

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