Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Indi-HappyHours# Quikr

While relocating the one thing that’s most cumbersome is to find a place to live. It takes a good amount of research, talking to a lot of friends and acquaintances, making several tones of calls to find one decent place to live.
Moreover, if you really don’t have much contacts, then finding a place to live is not going to be easy. Yes with Quikr, the not becomes obsolete!  How?  I’ll tell you…
Supposing the relocation city is Bangalore here..
You just need to go to the Quikr website…http://bangalore.quikr.com/
Go to the Real Estate and there it is!! Your treasure! Whether you prefer a PG or a flat, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, whether you want it single or sharing basis, Furnished or unfurnished, you can make your choice.

Quikr is smart enough because once you leave your requirement there, you will get mails based on your requirement directly in your mailbox without having to visit Quikr again. If one of these ads appeals to you can directly contact the person who has posted the Ad via his email ID or contact no.
So Quikr …..
No.1 serves your purpose when you don’t have much contacts
No. 2 gives you a lot many options to chose from based on your requirement
No. 3 saves a hefty amount that Broker is going to charge you.
No. 4 gives you information about all the areas that could be viable for your stay at one place
No. 5 doesn’t only provide you with a staying place but can be used for searching staying partners (read roommates) too.
No. 6 If you opt for rather buying land, it offers you deals on plots too.
No.7 Quikr Nxt Lets You Message Sellers Without a Phone Number. Quikr Nxt is an app, which allows users to chat using the website or mobile app. This means users can chat without having to reveal their number.

No. 8 With Quikr Nxt , you could see photos posted by the seller and observe the minute details of product, via Quikr Chat.

No. 9 Real estate is not the only thing Quikr deals in! Infact you could buy a car, mobile, Electronic appliances as well for the new apartment you relocate to! Not only buy, but you may sell too by posting an ad on quickr.

No.10 With Quikr your life in the new city becomes easy as here you could also search for some hobby classes for the weekends.

No.11 Life of your pets and kids also becomes easy. You could find good tution centres for your kids using Quikr and can get some good pet cares too.

No. 12 Quikr is easy to use, easy navigation and all information is just a click away.

So on a concluding note have No Fikar, Just Quikr

The post is written for Indi-Happy Hours …Its just Quikr in Bangalore..


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