Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Indispire# Beginning or End !

In to the unfathomable realms,
She thus descended;
None had been the preparation for it,
Sparing the Faith that was her sole carrier;
No one had been there to accompany,
But the love that rested in her soul,
What did not desert her however,
Was the God’s grace…..
Image Source: Archangelsanddevas.wordpress.com

It was soon going to end.  A chapter of life in the book of her soul’s journey.  
Ananya was lying on the bed completely silent and complacent. She was turning back the pages of her life just to review how well the chapter of her life was written. The perspectives on those incidents which at sometime had been foolhardy and vain, in retrospect, now certainly were more clear with a slight degree of ease and a slight of disconnect. All her relations, all her memories, all her dreams were dear to her. But how much so ever one must be attached, how much so ever one must have love in the heart, it can’t stop one from approaching the culmination of that pleasant journey. Such were the thoughts running in her head and she understood at this moment that the real essence of love was love itself. Love is something that is eternal, capable of transcending the material realms. Her non existence was the non existence of the body alone for she will be alive in the form of love, in some  corner of the universe, unseen, unheard, untouched but free to be felt by those who live to love.
At times like these hallucinations are not uncommon. But she still had her mind at work which was busy in the evaluation of her life and she thus concluded that it had been a nice and pleasant journey all in all, with a certain flaws and a lot more imperfections, but what charm a perfect life would carry? Imperfections teach us a lot more and make our journey a lot more worthwhile. About her dreams and wishes, she could reckon, many were granted and many were denied. But the unfulfilled lot did not make her any less complacent. For the dreams which came true, she was grateful and for the ones which never materialized, she was forgetful, for nothing mattered now when she was about to take leave. With all the grace god has always bestowed on her, her only feeling at this time was of satisfaction and love.
With peace in her mind, and gratitude in her heart, she closed her eyes gracefully. She was gone in that moment. Gone into a world unknown to the mortals but perhaps suited to the immortal soul.
In her last moments, it did not matter to her whether she was entering into an end or into the beginning of a new end, what did matter to her was how much she had been able to live, love, learn and grow in the course of her journey.

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