Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Indispire# Home is a feeling...

In that cold chilly night,
In those few defining moments,
In that experience
Where life seemed betraying,
In those few breaths,
She could feel his existence in her each breath,
She could feel her longing for him,
Longing for home,
He was her home, had always been and will always be!
Image Source: Galleryhip.com

     “Stop this loud music! I am trying to concentrate on a presentation here!” Ananya yelled at Akash.

     “You have been behaving strange for past few days, An. The music is not loud at all! And anyways if it’s disturbing you, you could tell that politely. Why are you yelling uselessly?” , Akash said maintaining a soft tone.

     “Whenever I talk lately, you feel I am yelling. When I tell you to not place your dirty socks on sofa or tell you to keep your soiled hanky away from freshly ironed clothes, you think I am finding excuses to argue with you. When I tell you to help me in kitchen, you say I am being mean. When I tell you to change the channel, you start making faces. We never go out to dine these days. We never go on long drives like before. You are not the same Akash I fell in love with. You have changed. You don’t care about me the way you used to”, Ananya said half sobbing, half yelling.

     “I don’t understand you. What’s the matter with you? Have you started hallucinating? Because nothing of the sort you just said has ever happened! I keep all things in order because I know how much you dislike unorganized clutter. Once in blue moon, I might have forgotten my socks, and you are settling scores for that! And what about channels? It’s in your hands I always place the remote. And seriously An, Tell me once when you told me to do something and I did not do it! I don’t understand why are you just out there with a gun loaded with words ready to shoot at me! Why are you becoming a rebel without even having a reason to be so! Can’t we have a few moments of peace in this house, An?” , losing his patience Akash said in a raised volume

     “House!! Oh yes, house. This is not even home for you now! Just a mere house! You want peace. I will give you peace. I am leaving, leaving right now. I am switching off my phone. You may have absolute peace without having to hear my voice.” ,Ananya said leaving the room.

     “Wait! What? Where are you going? Are you crazy? Wait! Why are you misinterpreting things and finding a reason to fight?”, Akash was trying to make peace however he was also losing patience, “Wait! We can sort it out!”

      But Ananya had lost her temper and she did not pay heed to one word Akash was saying. Finally exasperated Akash shouted out, “Well Go then! Go away now! Wherever you want to!”

      In that fit of anger, she stepped into the car and drove aimlessly without any destination in her head. She was stressed out for past few days. She had been working on multiple projects in office and work was sapping out all her energy. Even small things were irritating her a lot. She opened the window of the car to let the chilled air soothe her brain a bit so that she could think rationally. She knew that she should not have taken it all out on Akash. But her temper was way too bad at times to let her be rational. She thought of stopping by the beach where they used to meet before marriage. She was taking turn when all of a sudden a small puppy came running in front of her car from somewhere. In her attempt to save the puppy, her car bumped into a tree. Her head hit against the dashboard. In those few seconds, before she felt unconscious, there was only one voice echoing in her head. The voice of Akash calling out for her! The voice of Akash when he had first proposed her! The voice of Akash on the day of their wedding! The voice reverberating so loudly in her head eliminating all other thoughts.  The voice was diminishing slowly, going distant, out of her reach. She wanted to hold on to it but it was fading away into a distance far away from her. Struggling with her thoughts she fell unconscious after a few moments.

      Akash switched on the TV and tried to distract himself watching a football match. His mind however was constantly fixed at An. He knew that An had a bit of temper problem. He should have been patient and compliant. He should have stopped her. He switched off the TV and dialed her cell no. but she had yet not switched it on.

     It had been an hour already. He was moving about in the room restlessly trying her cell constantly, but no use. He sank into the bed waiting for a word from her.

      The phone rang. It was An’s cell phone. He jumped to receive the call. “Hello, your wife had an accident. She is in abc hospital. Please come fast”, said the voice on other side of phone.

    Cell phone dropped from his hand, in the next moment he was in his car rushing to the hospital. Tears dropping down his eyes and hands trembling, he was driving as fast as he could.

     He opened the door. An was right there sitting up and thankfully not injured much except the head injury. Akash went to her and sat by her side. An took his hands into hers and with teary eyes she hugged him tightly.

     “Am sorry, Akash! So sorry for my stupid behavior.  It’s you to whom I belong! There is no other place where I belong so religiously! Your embrace is the safest place in the world. It’s where home is! It’s good to be back home!”, said Ananya  smiling with tears in her eyes.


  1. Great story, we might take our loved ones granted but they are the ones we'll always want to go back to.

  2. Wow! It is a very touching story Megha. Looks like it took quite a bit of toll to reach the destination of home - home sure is where the heart is!