Wednesday, June 9, 2010

why i would never have a boyfriend!!

Just after reading a blogpost on why I don’t have a boyfriend( it came to my mind to jot down my own reasons as to why I never had and would never have a boyfriend. So as I start pondering over the thing umm the reasons are quite a lot from physical to emotional to stupid to intellectual to silly to solid to fragile n so on… so firstly I think when god was creating me he was falling short of time so he blessed me with a short height not even 5 and irony is I would always fall for someone who is either too big for me or might be too aged for me( :-) most of the times I develop a crush on married people who already have a child :-)).And honestly when I talk to people about such issues lately I feel awkward about what the other people might be thinking about me like some of them might think “she’s such a kid for having a boyfriend” (my physique totally gives the impression of a kid :-) though at times looking like a kid has some kind of advantages too and on the other front its nice too be a kid at heart though :-) ),or it might be like “Na shakal hai na akal hai !what in the world is wrong with these kids!” however it has not happened with me anytime but I am sure it can happen. Suppose I go to a person I like gathering all the courage to talk to him and he says in return “hanji beta !bolo kya kam hai!” hell of embarrassment it can cause.So I would better stay away from such situations :-).And then I fear how can I stick to one person althrough the life . Does’nt it get boring with one person lifelong (now don’t say ask your parents) .Now I know there is a possibility of keeping on changing them,but then actually I am of the notion that “only one and one special someone is there for everyone”. So altogether I m confused .I believe in one special someone and still m afraid one can’t do. So to avoid confusion I better would stay away from one even and anyhow I find it better to stay a free bird! Now again I m confused how do people decide to get into a relationship. Does anything like love at first site? (that cant be the case with me at least).Now although such a thing has never happened to me because I am pretty sure that I don’t want a boyfriend but ok if I assume that I met someone and the person appealed to me and I get to meet him somehow , I am damn sure I am gonno create a mess overthere. One I am so… boring , and can be fussy at times or may be totally confused over wat to talk about,not only I will be conscious I will make the other person also and point again to be mentioned is in a perplexed state I can start behaving different than myself which I hate to do. So again I think boyfriend thing is too.. complex at least for me to handle .Another thing is that I am no open book and I have my personal space which I cant share with anyone . Since there is a notion that your boyfriend(if you are pretty serious and not just flirting coz I believe in only one and one serious relationship) should be knowing every little thing about you and your things.. but in my case it can never happen .so again I would say stay away from boyfriend thing is better for me. And I think I expect quite a high standard as according to me. I just want the perfect one even after knowing that perfect ones hardly exist! the one should be humorous (so that he can entertain me coz I am damn boring),intellectual and witty (because sometimes it might become necessary for him to shut my mouth by countering my philosophies),tolerant and loving (I can be too stubborn, frustrating and difficult to handle at times :-)),smart(although I m not that smart) and yet of the height matching mine(so in all m fantasizing ) but I would rather fantasize than to compromise. so again I think I would like to stay away from boyfriend thing .Not to forget mentioning actually the boyfriend term seems a bit stupid to me. Another thing if ever I have a crush on someone I can assure myself it would never be the one to turn out to a relationship because I have some kind of affinity for cynic people and sometimes my perceptions about people go entirely wrong . so again the conclusion is no boyfriend.
p.s : this was all about the silly ,stupid and perplexed reasons that I m not gonno have a boyfriend .the serious reasons do exist but I would keep them veiled.


  1. I really admire your thinking.I myself don't have a girlfriend.All my friends have one .My friends tell me that i am handsome and even people from the church tell me this but i still cant figure out why i have still not managed to get a girlfriend.
    I don't talk much and i am a very shy person.I think this is the reason.:(

  2. thanx for admiration :)
    n don't worry you will surely manage to getone if u want :)

  3. aww, i could relate to this a lot... even i believe in just one special person and no casual flirting...nice post! (i feel flattered that smthing i wrote inspired you to write this..) :)