Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love @bove all religions.....

Drenched in the heavy rain pouring down from heaven itself , Bestowing its blessings on the two newly wed . The exhilarating breeze touching the faces and refreshing the soul from deep inside. ..

Trisha and iqbal had faced a hard time recently trying to convince their parents for marriage for Trisha was a hindu and Iqbal a muslim. Two years they had been waiting for this day .Sometimes their mind in a treacherous state suggested them to elope but they were prudent enough not to take such step because hearting their parents was the last thing on the earth that they would do. Two years of constant endeavour it had taken for their parents to agree . The time had tested all their patience and love for each other.

For them it was just an unforgettable day of life. All the colors were seeming more bright and brilliant today. The droplets of water on the leaves showing the reflection of seven colours of the spectrum , the sweet smell of the soil beneath , the air more fresh and clean with the water, the flowers blooming and waving as if were smiling on them ,and they were lost in the beauty and splendor of the moment. With their eyes closed they were dancing to the rhythm of the music played by the nature itself. Their feet flowing with the sounds of the wind and the thunder…..

Suddenly Trisha opened her eyes and to her surprise she was alone there . Where did iqbal go ? She got completely bewildered. She started looking all around madly. Her heart was palpitating hard and in a moment she was crying even louder than the thunder. She was now walking faster than the wind from the garden to the stairs downside in a hope to find him. She was just about to faint when she saw the glimpses of Iqbal who was being taken away from her by some people of his community . He was struggling hard to come back to her but the distance between was building up more and more and his stature was growing shorter with each step ahead. His image growing faint and he disappeared……………

Trisha comes into her senses and opens her eyes ….
What is the place where she is? She was lying in a bed and then she looks around. It was her own room Trisha and Iqbal’s room! And then a comforting hand comes and rests on her forehead . And Trisha realizes that it was the touch of Iqbal..he was with her. And then the series of events that had happened began to rewind in her mind and meanwhile she heard him saying,”Trisha! You scared me . I just went to get a flower for you and when I came back u were not there. I found you lying unconscious downstairs. What happened to you? I love u Trisha.” And Trisha realized that going away of Iqbal was just a dream. She hugged him and in her mind she decided to forget all the insecurities regarding their relationship due to religion. Their love only was sufficient to combat all the difficulties…..


  1. You bent it like anything, what do you want to do with your readers huh? Twist their guts and give them a heart attack? So many surges in 3 paragraphs?

    Nice artwork.



    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. I liked the end. When I started reading the post I feared that it's going to be a tragic love story, but you turned it otherwise with dollops of refreshing positivity. Nice! :)