Monday, June 7, 2010


Heaven n hell such notions were striking her mind , but she preffered to stay benighted over these concepts because she was anyways going to find it out in a few moments.It could be the end of illusions for her or may be a brand new starting to a fresh set of illusions….tears in the eyes and smile on the lips but she was niether sad nor happy.It was just the thought of complacence that she searched for the whole life but all efforts futile.Lacking in reason but yet sure of wat she is going to do. Faint voices were audible to her…. may be an accoustical illusion from far far away , calling her.Strong was that yearn to just breathe for the one last time ,breathe like she had never breathed before……spread her arms as far as she could and feel as much air as she could……eyes closed, standing on the edge .And in a moments minute she was free. Free forever..She could feel as if the whole lot of sparkling stars themselves came down to envelope her and all the shackles around her were wide open……to set her  free and to merge with the infinity.That was her end,end of life …….Suicide.


  1. why do you need to describe a sad situation so beautifully as if its something good?

  2. sad may b ...and may b i dont feel sad about it.infact i dont feel anything about it!its a matter of perspective.