Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blind !0ve!

A cute little girl who grew up into a charming damsel loved a guy since her young age .what can I say than to say she was in love truly madly deeply!.…the guy had been her neighbor since the two were kids. Initially he was one of his silly sweet childhood crushes but she never came to know how this silly thing changed into liking and over the time she found herself in love with him.
She had witnessed each moment of his growing up since his childhood , when he was so full of life and always full of talks kind of chap. While she herself was so shy and so reserved. Her shyness never let her talk to him. She just used to keep watching him from behind the walls. But then he grew up and he was never the same. He was completely taken over by loneliness and depression as both his parents died in a car accident. And he was not strong enough to face life. Drugs seemed to him the better option of living. She was yet just watching everything ,his lost zeal of life, his loneliness ,his insanity and yet she loved him and only him . And yet she was away from him when he needed a comforting shoulder more than anything in the world. She wanted to share his pain, his suffering but what was it that was restraining her , keeping her away from him. But when the situation got out of hands she had to have the courage and she took him to a rehab when finally he was on the verge of the worse addiction. She used to be with him day and night . It was more tough for her because for him she was just a stranger interfering in his life. But god was on her side and his situation improved. And soon he was out of the habit of drugs. They were happy and then finally it was her day when the guy proposed her for marriage. She was into tears…
THEN on the day of marriage…. she was looking no less than a princess in her white wedding gown. The ceremony started and the two were asked to take their wedding vows and suddenly the white colour of her gown changed to all red….the knife dropped off his hands and she was all into his arms….. ‘I LOVE U’ were her three last words as she was gone forever . He cried like anything in the world still not knowing why did he kill her??!!!


  1. I think I commented before? A very touching story indeed. I wonder what were the circumstances.

  2. Megha,

    OMG! You tear a person apart with such twist in the end. This is second story from you that I have read and both have tragic endings. Please do give one with happy ending too.

    Take care

  3. Nicely narrated. The end compells one to think over the wry withering wanton wonders of a delirious mind. :)

  4. Hey Megha, if you could spare some time; please do read this(my first attempt at writing a short story for my blog) - p.s. - i hate doing this, i.e. sharing links for my posts in the comment section of some other blog but i had no other choice; i couldn't find your email id.