Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a scrutiny of a mental trauma and more than that......

The hapless victim of the devilish act , the victim of an animal desire …
A victim of rape...
And the world around her changes forever ,
Leaves the feeling of being trapped in a whirl ,the whole world spinning around her ..
And with that whirl is taken her smile , her zeal of life , her ability to feel , her normal life , her everything...
Horrified,she wants to escape , she wants to run away , she wants to create a shell around her and never come out of it..
All she is left wid is a feeling of disgust , she lives this trauma each second of her life..
She is no less than a living corpse..
She wants to give up and then it is the thought of the life inside her ..
She hates it and yet she can’t hate it..
The spur of the moment tells her to kill it but she can’t take the breaths away from a life so brutally..
A feeling of disgust accompanied by creepy sensations and then the next moment a strange feeling of a life breathing through her..

As the life dat has survived in her womb comes to her hands the disgust falls short to stand in between the two..
She feels the motherhood and she finds a new reason to live. She finds a new energy in her. Her spirit could feel the chunks of rejuvenation.. She was regaining her life along with that new life . Now she would survive not only to be a mother of a girl , but for herself also , for justice , for fighting with those monsters who spoil the innocent lives

AND THEN .....
She struggled to all her strength , the legal proceedings were far too frustrating and more than that those people who saw her with scorn were frustrating. But she had no feeling for them other than the feeling of pity who could not stand by the side of a lone fighter for justice. But there were people who stood by her side as she took the bold initiative to take a stand. And justice came…
But her role did not stop here and she evolved as a social activist helping all the people suffering from the same plight. Her daughter had a common name for her mother and father. Her mother had played both the roles perfectly. She will always be proud of this great lady.


  1. beautiful effort. Though no one can better describe the emotions other than the victim. BUT what happened after that is something only a woman can tell. the feeling to live for the tiny life that she beholds in her hands. commendable.

  2. this shows strength, determination and character, exceptional post!

  3. Megha,

    Read 2 posts now. Previous one shows how life is full of diversties and this one so understandingly and clearly brings out trauma of a rape victim. Very well written both of these.

    Take care

  4. thats a very touching and at the same time very powerful write...
    brilliantly expressed... the struggle and the fight to move on.