Saturday, June 5, 2010

for my FRIEND$..........

On the roads of life , many relations we get . some inhereted n some made on our own.
Some are so volatile to stay just for a while;
Some stay to make nice memories , but the time seems more powerful and memories ultimately fade away;
Yet some are the relations which are special ; weaven on the threads of trust ; nurtured with the care, love and understanding ; and grown into cobwebs of everlasting bonds …
And then time seems meager a parameter to be able to let these evaporate; time can only empower the trust and understanding grows with time…
Rare though these are the relations to be cherished for lifetime……..THEY ARE FRIENDS..’FOREVER FRIENDS’
This is for all my friends “many a times I might have hurt u with harshwords,with my blunt attitude  my carless prating ,but rightfully I do dat. Wherever u will b , but u will always stay close to ma hrt.u r precious to me.i love u all. God bless u.”

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  1. True indeed, we have many sorts of rights over our friends, so its our right to say anything to them without saying sorry.