Saturday, February 20, 2016


Unmasked is an Anthology of 20 short stories. And it makes me so very happy that one of the short story is written by me as well. This is the very first time that I got published. For the girl, who has never been published in even a school or college magazine, this sure is a thing to be cherished.

About the Book:
I, Ruby, in this book appears to be a 25 year old woman with a mysterious past who lets 20 authors into her climax as they carve an intriguing end to the mystery. Was I the only inspiration behind them writing this story? Or was it you who occupied their heart while they bled words? Unmasked is what you shall see through the eyes of these 20 authors.

The book is now available for Pre-Order at Amazon. Please check out the link and buy if you please. I am looking forward to feedback; so that I can improve in future. So, please do share the reviews :) 

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