Wednesday, February 3, 2016

*Tring Tring"

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After five months of separation, it seemed, my husband had already been over the whole thing. I, however, was still trying to cope up. Time and again, my mind kept revisiting the past. I decided to burn the memories to get rid of the past. I opened the cupboard to destroy the memorabilia; I rather found a modern phone. It rang….Tring Tring…

I was skeptical but I picked up. A voice came from the other side. It was a familiar voice…

“Hey you! Put on some party music there!”
“Sorry! Why? I don’t want to.”
“You don’t want to, may be, but you need to!”
“I would rather sleep.”
“Sleeping won’t help.”
“What possibly can?”
“Get off your ass; Put on some bright make-up, make a few moves and dance like crazy.”
“I can’t move. My entire body seems frozen and so does my brain.”
“Dancing lets off some heat. You might de-freeze. Give a damn try!”
“It hurts. I can’t get over the pain. Will it ever get better?”
“Surely, if you would let it get better; if you give yourself a second chance.”
“Second chance for what ?”
“Second chance to live your life completely; second chance to stand up on your feet and walk with a head held high; second chance to be happy.”

I smiled; because, by this time, I had recognized the familiarity of that voice. My alter-ego was perhaps wiser than me.

I put on my earphones and danced like never before. Because I was free; because I could still be happy.

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  1. Nice and inspirational touch to the topic.. good one..

  2. Thanks for dropping by Andyz Duniya! :)