Friday, February 19, 2016

Second Spring - Book Review

In darkness, you will find many stars shining in the sky. You will feel one of them is yours and yours alone. Well, as soon as the sun comes out, all of the stars disappear. I am just that, one of those stars in the sky in your darkness. I am always with you, but when the sun comes out, I must hide. So, my love, I am always for you, but you must go for sunshine.

About the Author:

‘Sandhya Jane’ has a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Central Missouri. She has been working for over two decades in global corporate environment. She lives in Hong-Kong with her husband and her son. ‘Second Spring’ is her debut novel.  

The Review:

It’s a simple tale of extra-ordinary love. Love is not something which will come of age, nor will it come of your control over it. You cannot pre-ordain destiny when it comes to love and its myriad ways. It will come silently and it will get on to your head before you can even acknowledge its presence.
The female protagonist, Avantika, is an independent, self-assured, shrewd and determined lady of fortitude. She is a proud single mother; who manages her role of a competent working professional, with as much ease and efficiency, as her role of a loving and caring single mother. Everything is just alright in her world till her encounter with Rohan. Rohan is a charming and handsome young man who happens to be reporting to Avantika as her boss. Their engagement starts off as a professional one; however, along the way, they develop a sort of bond. Avantika eventually starts treading down that lane of love which she had forbidden herself in all those years.

Rohan is initially intimidated by Avantika’s strong personality. But he also gets to see her different Avatars of a nurturing, caring, witty and an over-sensitive lady. Rohan is a sweet negotiator as Avantika used to call him. His charm and easy going manner is something totally complementary to Avantika’s control freak nature. When it comes to work, she grills just as everyone with Rohan being no exception. But, as Rohan starts knowing her better, he too develops a liking for her. Rohan belongs to a conservative family who would never approve of his relationship with a lady six years older than himself and already having a son.

Will Rohan be able to muster up courage and take a stand for their love? Will Rohan abandon Avantika? How would Avantika deal with loss of love? Will Rohan and Avantika’s path cross again? Will Avantika be able to forget her love? Would Rohan be able to live peacefully with the weight of his decisions? Will their destiny bring them together?

To get all the answers, one has to read the book.

The book also gives some insights on the spiritual side of love and karma. At certain points, it talks about the hindu beliefs on spirituality. The book opens the door to an understanding of love based on acceptance and forgiveness.

The language of the book is simple. The story and the detailing will keep you hooked. And once started, you might not be able to put it down until you finish it.

All in all, the book is a nice read. 

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