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The Music of the Siren!

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Once upon a time, there lived a man named Henry in the island of Madagascar. Henry was a fisherman. He raised his family on the meager income that he could get from fishing and farming. Henry had a son named Nicole. Nicole was very bright in studies. During the day, he assisted his father in catching fishes and spent the nights learning his lessons and reading literature. Henry felt very proud of his son, but, he also felt disheartened because he had very limited resources to sponsor his higher education. Soon, the time passed by. It was time for Nicole to get into a college. After years of saving, Henry could only afford his tuition fee.  But Nicole had to move to the city for his education and his expenses included the hostel fee as well. Henry was sitting by the sea-side; little pearl shaped tears rolling down his eyes. He did not want his son to have the kind of life he always had. He wanted him to see the world beyond the fishes and the sea. But sadly, he did not have enough money. Just then, Nicole came running from behind and settled on his father’s side. Henry had not eaten anything since morning. So, Nicole had brought some fried rice along with him. Nicole wiped his tears and broke the news of his getting a scholarship in the city university for studying art and literature. Henry couldn’t find any suitable words to express his joy. He patted his son’s back and cried with joy. The father and the son duo then celebrated the occasion with the Nicole’s-home-made fried rice.

Nicole was sent off to the city for his studies while Henry continued his life in the town; fishing and farming and saving money for his son.

Six months passed. It was vacation time for Nicole. Henry was overwhelmed to see his son after so long. Nicole told him the stories of his life in the city. He promised to take his father along once he finishes his study and gets a job.

Nicole had missed the sea and the fishing while in the city. So, the next day he told his father to take rest and let him take care of the work. He went for fishing on his boat. He was amused at the sight of sea after so long. He was in a playful mood, so he decided to stay in the sea for a longer time in the evening. When he was busy playing with the fishes, he heard a faint sound of a soft music playing somewhere on some far end. He was tempted to the sound of music and rowed in the direction of the sound. He was a little amazed by the fact that there was no-one to be seen in the reach of his eyes but the music was growing a little louder as he kept rowing in the direction of the sound. It was deeply captivating; it was some kind of magical spell which was attracting him. He kept going in that direction. Soon the soft music, probably a violin, was accompanied by a sweet enchanting feminine voice.

It was getting dark. Henry had still not wakened up from his afternoon nap. While Nicole was going deeper and deeper into the sea, Henry was still asleep.

Though it had been a sunny day, all of a sudden, it started raining. The sound of thunder woke up Henry. Rubbing his eyes, he got up from the bed. He called out for Nicole but there was no reply. He looked around but there was no sign of Nicole. The rain was getting heavier and the thundering louder. Henry got panicked and set out in the heavy rain to find his son. He took out a boat and proceeded towards the sea. There was no-one in the sight, yet he kept going further.

Nicole had gone too far into the sea when it started raining. He was accustomed to the sea and its myriad ways of surprising humans. But this time, he was not equipped to handle the crisis in the absence of his father. It was a totally unexpected thunderstorm. The waves in the sea were rising higher; and yet, in between the loud noise of the waves and the thunder, the sweet feminine voice was still audible to his ears singing a song which was a musical delicacy to his ears. It was some magical music which made him forget about the rising waves and the thunderstorm and made him constantly chase the source of this music.

The rain and the dark were making Henry lose track of where the boat was heading. With the growing darkness, nothing was visible anymore. The sea was getting unruly. Finally, with a heavy heart, Henry decided to get back.

Nicole had lost the track completely and he was struggling to keep the boat above the rising waves. The Music was growing louder and sweeter. Soon, the boat was thrashed by the waves and crashed into pieces. However, a part of it was still able to stay afloat and Nicole was hanging on to it tightly. By this time, he had known that he was in big trouble. He, however, thought that there must be some land close by since the music was very closely audible by this time. He just hoped to reach there as soon as possible.

Henry was trying to keep himself positive by praying but he was not having a good feeling about any of it. He was trying to control his negative feelings, but, then again, he was giving into bouts of cry after a few minutes of being positive.

Nicole’s boat was almost into shreds when he hit a small piece of land. The source of the sweet enticing music was standing right in front of his eyes and the source was even more enticing than the music. A feminine figure with a curvy body with long brown trusses and fair skin gave him a hand to make him stand up on his feet. She had worn minimal clothes and her skin was more beautiful than the music coming out of her mouth. Nicole kept staring at this fairy like creature while she kept singing her beautiful song.

She kept holding his hand and moved towards a giant tree. There was a little hole in the bark of the tree, she pulled him inside. There was a small tree house inside which housed a violin made from wood and a carpet made of the grass. She made him sit along in the tiny space available. Nicole had so much to say and ask but all he could do was listening to her sweet melodious voice and worship the fairy sitting beside him.
“Once upon a time,
I was bestowed with a gift,
Of the song and the rhyme;
My music was melody,
I swam in the ocean,
And sang for the fishes,
My music for them was a magic potion;
My music was my secret,
To sing for a man was prohibited,
And then one day came a surreal prince,
Falling in love with him became my greatest regret;
I sang for him when he played with my body,
From then on my gift became a half curse,
Any man who crosses by my song,
Is captivated to its symphony and mirth,
He is trapped,
He is subjected to die…
This is my story..
I am the Siren..
The singer of the melodious song of Death..

Nicole was slowly going into a sleep state. The lullaby soon ended. But there was no waking up from this lullaby for Nicole. It was the last song of his life… ‘The Song of Death’ from the House of ‘Music of the Siren’. 

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P.S. In Greek mythology, the Sirens were three dangerous mermaid like creatures, portrayed as seductresses who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island

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