Sunday, January 3, 2016

Make Each Morning a Gold Morning!

Today is the first day of rest of your life – ( Breaking Bad )

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Getting stuck and bogged down by the past is something that can happen to anyone. It may be anything; ranging from a least significant thing like delivering a bad speech to the most dreadful event of losing a loved one in an accident. Sometimes even the meager losses may affect us in a hugely deeper manner. Inspite of all the wisdom that tells us to move on, we get stuck. Moving on is expedient, but it does not always come easily. The hurt and mourning penetrate so deeply into us that a thousand inspirational quotes can’t motivate us enough. We are just not ready to open up our palms and let the ashes of loss just fly away. Instead we keep holding the ruins tightly to not let that feeling of loss slip past. We keep sulking about all that we have lost and all that has gone wrong. We label the positive words and advices which float around us as cursory and vain. We label our own sorrow and disappointments as a valid reaction to all that has happened to us. This validation drives us to the darker territories and poisons us with more grief and negativity. But we the slaves of our egos just close our eyes and start becoming the slaves of darkness without even realizing it.

We dwell either in our past thinking about our losses or cogitate the future trying to boost our ego; we forget that the present is all we have. We keep trying to evolve some complex and intricate formula about how life should be lived; when the actual formula is as simple as brushing our teeth in the morning.

Every morning, the light defeats the darkness. We are gifted with another day and we celebrate this victory by brushing our teeth. Every morning, we brush off all the germs, dirt and flush out yesterday’s remains.  The formula for life is just as simple. Every morning, brush off yesterday’s mournings and losses; start all over again with no germful residues of the past; flush out the negativity and start a new day with a fresh breath and a fresh mind.

Every morning exposes us to a new light and a new life. So, choose to live afresh every morning. Live one day at a time because a day is all you have until the next morning. Make out the best out of it and make each day the best lived day of your life. Each day and every day, just live!

Now turn your Good Morning to a Gold Morning; every morning; brush with Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold toothbrush. #Colgate360GoldMornings

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