Sunday, January 24, 2016

*Get over Puppy love- Get Peppy*

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So, someone made you cry the whole night or for that matter several nights?

Do you feel your little world collapsing all around you, making you unable to breathe?

Did your allegedly perfect love which was full of zing until a few days ago died a slow death beyond your control?

Were you already dreaming of a future with him? When you were busy contemplating all the details of your happily ever after life with him, were you completely unaware of the things going on in his mind?

Well, it may be real hard when the head-over-toenails kind of love just vanishes overnight. It feels real bad when you are technically dumped by the one you are completely in love with. Heart-breaks are definitely not a pleasant thing to happen to anyone. Whatever may be the reason of his dumping you, remember, being a puppy in love is not going to help you. The food may not go down your throat and you may feel like shedding bucketfuls of tears. Your smile may deceive you and you might feel like sleeping all day and night. It may not be easy to get over it, and yet it is up to you to figure out whether he is worth all this pain? I say if there is a red signal looming large right over your head forbidding you to enter further into the shady areas of dumping ground, then you need to step back immediately. Because if your tears don’t move him in the least, he DOES NOT deserve you. He is capable of hurting you willfully and ruthlessly.

It may seem difficult to forget him or stop thinking about him. But it has to be done. You have to come out of the Zombie state which you have enforced upon yourself. Find a middle ground between loving him and hating him. Try to be indifferent. If loving a person, who does not deserve it, is not good for you, hating that person would do no good either. So, let him just get the heck out of your life.

Do something Peppy to get over the puppy love. Fight your instinct to sleep over all of it. Get up, get dressed and dance on some peppy music. Treat yourself with a Pizza, adore yourself with a new dress, try different hairstyles, hang out with friends, take a short cycling trip, decorate your room or sing loudly. Do everything that uplifts your mood. Pamper yourself, exercise, watch movies, go shopping or spend time on your hobbies. After a few days you will be amazed to see how your peppy self kicks out the puppy love from your life and your mind.

And if you ever feel weak, just take a deep breath and say to yourself, “It too shall pass!”

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