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*The Impact of Small Things"

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Our life is a sum-total of thousands of small and big moments, which collectively define our life. In the run of life, where everyone is all out chasing the bigger things in life, the small things are sometimes overlooked.

“Ever realized the value of a stranger smiling at you?”

How many times do we just pass by without even acknowledging a smile? And how such an encounter gets us to think and in a fraction of seconds a million thoughts cross our busy minds.
“What a mad man smiling without any reason!”
“Is there something wrong with my dress? Am I wearing the right pair of shoes?”
“Am I looking funny?”
“Does the man has some kind of intentions?”

The smile that we just missed was one of those small things; a reminder from god that life is hidden in these smallest of small things. Sometimes, what we need to do is stop being apprehensive about everything around us. Put off the defenses and welcome life with open arms. Not an eye for an eye, but a smile for a smile is what we need sometimes.

We need not always be on our guards. Sometimes, we need to let loose and open ourselves to the magical impact of such small yet big things like a smile.

“Ever realized the value of looking at the starlit night sky?”

Do we even keep track of how many days just pass by without us getting time to get out in the night and do nothing but keep staring at the night sky? Life keeps hovering around office and home, routines to be followed and deadlines to be met.
“Damn that idiot boss! Doesn’t even spare us on the weekends.”
“Oh! Such pity! After all the office work, I have to take care of the household chores also.”
“What a damp squib my life is!”

All the while when we are cribbing, we are losing the precious moments of our life that can potentially be used in a better way. The problem with our mind is that it keeps figuring out what should be done and how, but very often it loses the track of when. The God has made nights for a reason. So, when the day ends we need to forget everything and get out of our homes for a while. Stand or just lie down on back and just gaze at the beautiful night sky. Observe the shape of moon changing from a crescent to a full circle day after day.   

We need not be thinking all the time. Sometimes, we need to take a break, relax and unwind in the serenity of the night. A thing so small as this can impact our souls in a big way. A hundred massage therapies can pale in comparison to the relaxing effect that a starlit night can have on our souls.

“Ever thought how our small wishes can make someone’s day really special?”

Though some of us are good at remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other special dates; yet sometimes we forget while trying to remember thousand other things. May be the person whose special day we just forgot was counting on us to make his day special. Old friends may became distant over the time, but such special days are the occasions when we have the chance to remind ourselves that we are still close at heart despite the distances. Whenever it’s possible, we should always try to make it special in our unique ways.

Try not to make belated wishes. Rather keep reminders, remember and wish with all the heart. Genuine wishes have an impact on people’s heart. May be a small wish has the capability to make a person’s day. Believe in magic and believe in spreading it.

“Ever tried to look at yourself as an outsider?”

Don’t we all get into such situations when the ego overpowers us; when anger takes over our rational self and we refuse to accept that we actually wronged someone.
“Was I wrong or he was just trying to put me down?”
“Why should I say sorry?”
“It was not my mistake!”

Every night before sleeping, we should give ourselves just five minutes to get out of our own skin and look at ourselves like an outsider. Understand from the point of view of an outsider if everything that I did was in-line with what I am at the very core of my being; was it in-line with what a man should be? After realizing our own truths and weaknesses, we should make it a point to do it right in the future. We should consider making amends and saying sorry for our mistakes. Then before sleeping, we should just bury the today into the darkness of the night while carrying forward with us only the wisdom and the lessons that the outsider pointed out.

It’s important to look at ourselves as an outsider, with a point of view, which is totally impersonal. Just a small exercise five minutes before sleeping everyday can impact our growth as a person in big ways. 

Pay attention to the smallest things in life. Because small things can lead to a much bigger impact. 

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