Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Indispire# On a lonely island without internet

A day into a lonely island
Where no one is around,
A morning bath in radiance of sunlight,
Where no one just shadow is to be found;

Waking up lazily
Wearing makeup of a smile,
Absorbed in nothing,
Just the inner light for a while;

Playing with the shadows,
And reminiscing the good old days,
In the company of endless waves;

No cell phone,
 No camera for photo- shoots,
And no laptop which intrudes;

A silent time on a lonely island,
No voices on the exterior,
Just some attention to the interior;

Listening to the music in the air that flows,
Grasses dancing in the rhythm that bestows;

Birds are a company for now,
Seeing their attempts at fly,
Makes me feel childlike somehow;

Flowers shedding
 The night robe of dew drops,
Dressing beautifully
In the brilliant shades of sun kissed cloths;

Butterflies teasing the flowers
And soaking in their colors,
I notice their small world,
And their mischievous maneuvers;

At the innocence of nature I peer,
And feel enchanted and cheer;

Reminding myself,
The smallest pleasures in the world
Come for free,
And are not dear;

Lying under the shadow of trees,
To enjoy the breeze;

Wondering at the language of nature,
I put down my pen on paper;

Walking, sitting and lying down,
Counting the waves,
And not bogged down by the rains;

Following the clouds
Pondering over the secrets they shroud;

To be alone on this island,
Bestows on my soul the gift of bliss and solace,

That’s so hard to find in the mainland…….

experience about A 7 days experiment to stay away from all modern gadgets and apps like mobile, laptop-computers, internet, social networking, E-games and how you spent that time? with family? traveled? meditated, anything you experienced.