Sunday, October 19, 2014

Indi-Happy Hours# Mother's Care

The lives of parents revolve around their kids. Right from the day these kids are born to the day parents are still alive. Their little-little troubles become reasons of worry for parents. The kids’ falling sick is no less than a calamity for parents. Seeing their kid sick; their world suddenly just comes down to one single thing and that is the well being and recuperation of their sick kid.

Though I am quite old to be called a kid, but for parents their children are always the same I guess. My health concerns my parents even more given my weight and all!! (Smirk). Though I am old enough to be working but people can still mistake me as a school girl! May be that’s one of the reasons I get a lot of attention even in case of minor ailments like cold and cough, fever, indigestion etc.

I catch cold real soon. Changing weather, A little exposure to cold winds and I get done with it. The worst part it stays for real long once it catches me. I find it the most irritating thing. The uncontrollable flow, a lot of soiled handkerchiefs, all of this is just so irritating. Medicines are not much help. They help in controlling the flow but the irritation persists. The headache comes complimentary with cold.

Even with minor cold, my mother becomes so attentive. She will prepare hot tea with tulsi leaves and ginger almost umpteen times a day. She will give me Ginger bits to keep in mouth in case I have cough too. Another favorite pick of my mother is Vicks. She applies it on my nose and throat before sleeping and covers me properly. She will keep on telling me to eat well. It’s like mother working on the assignment of making my cold fly away! She gets irritated and concerned at the same time when I keep on sneezing; one, two, three and sometimes ten or fifteen at a stretch!

The hot gram soup is another thing which is a must have to get rid of the running nose.
Chyawanprash is yet another favorite with my mother. Though on routine days also she keeps on telling to have a teaspoonful with milk, but when I have cold and cough she will herself give me teaspoonfuls twice a day. Actually I like the taste of it but me being me I am too lazy and won’t have it till somebody just puts it into my mouth. Chyawanprash contains a lot of herbs like amla, ashwagandha and giloy etc. It also serves as an anti oxidant. It strengthens our immune system and helps fight infections like cough and cold. Even going by taste It’s a must have for almost everyone as it fulfills all mothers’ standards.

Then yet another thing my mother makes me do if cold is real bad is to give steam. At night before sleeping a hot relaxing steam and afterwards a nice sleep. Though I have the habit of sleeping late generally but when I am sick my mother would make me sleep early and make me have proper rest.

I don’t think medicines can work as much wonders as mothers’ care does! No doubt parents are just angels. They bear with their kids even if they are spoiled brats. Thank god for them and their care!

Finally wish everyone great health and happiness.

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