Monday, October 20, 2014

Indi-Happy Hours #Ghar wali Diwali

It’s the fourth Diwali that my whole family is still not together during Diwali. Though I am home this time my siblings are not. Diwali always reminds me of my sister; the times when we were still kids. My sister has always been the responsible girl of the house that I have never been. She was no less than a little angel of the home! I must say her excitement was infectious! She used to so excited and enthusiastic about every small- small thing. She loved shopping and she still does! Cleaning home, Picking Flowers to making garlands, Making Rangoli, Lighting diyas and candles; she would just take care of everything. The little supervisor of the home! Cooking is one of her natural talents. Mother, her and father would all get into the kitchen and prepare delicious food. I was told to help in minor ways, which too I would mess up. Sometimes I irritated everyone by doing the silliest things wrong, but sis was a darling angel taking care of everyone and everything. 

This is her second diwali after marriage. I just wish the festival of lights brings her all the more good luck and fortune! May she and her family be blessed with all the happiness of the world! May Goddess luxmi bless her with health, wealth and prosperity!

P.S: This post is for Indi- Happy Hours 

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