Sunday, October 19, 2014

Indispire# Can Writing bring about a change?

Writers are a part of this world and yet they have a world of their own. Writers have the power of their pen. With this power a writer can go any place, put on any face and travel with any pace. The words indeed are a writer’s first love. To write gives him a power to create, to transform, to understand and to promulgate.

They use the word escapists for them and call them loners sometimes. But I wonder isn’t it a luxury to be an escapist, to be able to live in a world which is a writer’s own creation. A writer wields his power through words; he sets the rules, while he writes he lives the life of each of his characters, he experiences many types of life in one lifetime by means of his writing.
Using the tool of writing he can venture into the unknown territories of soul. It’s a way to experiment with the abstract, to get to the bottom of the reality, to know the truth of the self and the world.

In a way the writers are dogmatists. And in a way they are the problem solvers.

The impact of writing on society is long known. The writings in the form of teachings of our religious texts have given us a way of life that we are still following. The classics like Aristotle, Plato, Marx, and Socrates are still read and pondered over. They have dealt with each aspect of a man’s life and how it should be. These writing have drawn the intricate and complex details of man’s life and its relationship with the surroundings.

 The contemporary writings keep on affecting our thought process and our perceptions, be it in the form of an editorial, a magazine article, a fiction, an inspirational book or even a casual read. The writing has been defining and redefining our ways of life, what serves our society best, what is acceptable and correct. It has been doing that ever since. It has been there as a guiding force with each and every evolution that our world witnesses.

The writings always have a grip on us and they make a lasting impact on our thought process either consciously or subconsciously. A person reading self help books or inspirational quotes does so because it’s the conformity of a writer he looks forward to. A person reading editorials and news is subjected to the writer’s perspective, his opinions though his own are in a way shaped by what has been written. A person reading a book on moral science may not follow it completely but his awareness has grown, he has got the sense of what is morally acceptable though following it is his own choice and writing has done it for him, the writing has made him aware. A person reading a lot of fictions will become capable of understanding life through many perspectives. A person reading the real life accounts of varied cultures knows life in its various colors and becomes sympathetic and loving towards all, it triggers modesty and broad-mindedness in him.

The writings definitely have a grip on our thoughts and the world changes as our thoughts change. The writings give us a chance to learn and relearn for the better. And while we learn and subsequently follow the change is initiated though may be of a small order. But that is enough to make a start.

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