Saturday, September 24, 2011


jump out of your comfort zone!

when u walk on a road multiple times u automatically become adapt at it

dont compare your life with others coz thiers is altogether a different 
journey, they might not need to know the things that you are supposed 
to know! 

patience is a virtue. remember to be patient when there is nothing u 
can do to set the things right.

done is done. forget it as a close chapter of your in 
d moment.

somethings just happen. there is no point being stuck in 
those moments.stagnant water will start giving a rotten smell but
flowing water remains fresh.

getup and set the path of your dreams! they are meant to be true if you
are ready to take just one first step that is required.

there are no mistakes just some lessons.

live completely. forget, forgive and don't regret a single thing in 
your life coz every single event in your life adds a new dimension to
your life.

listen to others but do as your heart says! don't let others opinions 
bother you as long as you know u landed here coz of ur heart.

there is no such thing as a bad decision. decisions can alwaz be 
proven right if u have zest to do so! n nywaz how can u say dat 
decision would have been better when u did not experience going 
on that path. 
any decision is right if the person taking it is right.

don't give a damn to the opinions that associate u with a slightest
amount of negativity.

life comes once. live it your way. 
 your life won't be counted as 
the sum of money u collected or the position and status that u achieved
its the sum of those small and big moments that u loved about ur life,
sum of those moments when u did what you wanted to do inspite of its 

is growth of a person only meausred in terms of materialistic things 
he achieves! might be true! true..
but for me i'll grow the day i start
understanding that there is no such thing as grievances, sadness, 
dissatisfaction,thinking twice, coz those are not an option
 for people who want to grow

there is so much to understand 
for me faith is a journey!
 life is an adventure trip where destiny is bliss! 
but often i take the wrong turns! and get lost! 
hoping that one day i'll realize
 that every turn leads to the same destiny n none is a wrong turn
only if dont forget the faith!

don't measure your life on the relative standards rather measure it on 
the absolute ones that u define for yourself!


  1. lovely words...beautifully crafted lines!

  2. Wow!! Truly inspirational, what I needed at the moment. Utterly right!
    Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  3. inspirational...yes that is the main problem...if we stop comparing our life with those of others, we can live much happier... :)

  4. Megharana,

    Very inspirational. May I ask what prompted this?

    Take care

  5. @ jack uncle : in one word life!! :)