Monday, September 26, 2011

talking senseless! ;)

I want to be free!

But what is the thing that holds you, where are the chains?

There are! See with my eyes!

Tell me one thing …whose is the choice to remain in the chains?

Ok u want to trap me through your words!! Ok its mine but do I have another choice!!

Why would you think there is not!! Whose is dis life?

Ofcourse mine! But associated with me are expectations, love of the people who make you what you are, conventions, social obligations, and a thousand small and big things!

Do u think love puts restriction on anybody? Do you think there is anything greater than your happiness and bliss for those who love you? Do you think thinking about society and societal norms  are a thing to be thought of in the  path that you want to get into?

Which path do I want to get into? Which destiny I am looking forward to!!!!! I just don’t know!!! I DON’T KNOW!! Sometimes I feel so peaceful after saying I DON’T KNOW!! But I hate somebody else telling me dat u don’t know!

When will I know! When will I know what do I want from life!
When will I know the meaning of life!
When will I know how to draw the fine line between reality and illusions!
When will I know my purpose of landing into this enigmatic mirage!
When will I know whatever I am supposed to know or at least   whether am I supposed to know anything or not!
When will I know that is there actually something absolute in the world or is it just the matter of perception!
When will I know that whether I actually am after something or just a badly perplexed creature landed in the wrong place asking all the wrong questions!
When will I know whether is it all too simple inside the complex or there actually is no thing as complex!
When will  I reach the stage of I have started knowing a little bit from dis stage of I don’t know at all!

The day u start believing yourself! The day you start trusting your inner self! The day u stop looking for approvals for your opinions! The day you start loving unconditional! The day u start understanding that love is nothing but a higher form of existence where negativity does not find its roots! the day u discover the ocean of complacence and bliss free of tidal currents! The day u become a dogmatist!! ??? is it??????


  1. It's complicated. Everyone's got to think that way to achieve this.
    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Megharana,

    Questions which are in minds of most of us and you got right answers. What you say in the last para is what shows you the way. Never lose confidence in yourself and follow what your conscience says. Everyone has own perceptions of life, you make your own goals and strive to achieve those.

    Take care

    PS : Read all pending posts and left comments from In Love with myself onwards.

  3. @ jack uncle :Thank you so much!! U don't know how much i wanted to hear these words! i always try to remind myself of this but always forget ...i just need to hear it from someone else sometimes! Thanks uncle!!